Calculating Failure


Painted in a Brutal hysteria "Calculating Failure" is the epitome of the phrase "Cream rises […]
By Quinten Serna
November 17, 2021
Existentia - Calculating Failure album cover

Painted in a Brutal hysteria "Calculating Failure" is the epitome of the phrase "Cream rises to the top" championing a technical and intricate approach to brutality and aggression. EXISTENTIA exists in defiance of convention and could not be better for it, with their debut EP signing their mark unto the industry.

The 4 track starts with the song, "Planned Obsolescence," a gritty contemporary subject revolving around the predetermined expiration of something; fluid and caustic the track has an unpredictable motion matched on all fronts by each instrument all of which doing their best to surpass one another in the onslaught of cacophonous medleys. The next track, "Calculating Failure," commences immediately bearing no build-up or preemptive notion-the staccato verses create a reeling sense of unease and paranoia foreshadowing an eldritch break that eventuates within the progression of the song; this song in particular is significantly more involved than its predecessor moving in and out of modulations and odd harmonies at the drop of a pin. "Artifice Hallucination" manages to center itself more within the realm of Brutal and intense being itself a more straightforward track (though not devoid of insane movements); the song plays with moving in and out of double time and half time creating a kind of pulsing sensation. The very last track and title of the previous single, "Fulminate," has perhaps the most interesting composition to it out of every track on the EP, the verse is a constant onset of staccato rhythm coupled with unabated lead harmonies; the second part of the song following the verses is heavy in rhythmic changes and accented leads; the final portion of the song moves into a slightly relaxed grove coupled with a looping ascension before going back to the lead from the verses and ending on the eerily bright "we will rise."

In reference to instrumentation the EP is mostly well balanced with some dips here and there such as in vocal roll-offs or quiet leads. The guitars are surprisingly crisp and clear giving credence to the mastery of performance in recording the tracks; the bass is heavy and powerful inlaid deep into the track and completely filling out the bottom end with explosive energy; the drums are the most remarkable feature of the entire EP moving in and out of completely different phrases with no hesitation or off-beat; and lastly, the vocals are centered as one of the most powerful pieces being both grounded in an abrasive deep-set tone and simultaneously cutting through the mix with little effort.

In reference to sheer intensity EXISTENTIA has a great many bands beat combining intelligent composition with a speed and force uncharacteristic to others within the genre. The music isn't for everyone but for any person partial to insane runs, headbanging riffs, and extraordinarily intricate rhythms this EP is a crowning jewel with no parallel.

10 / 10









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"Calculating Failure" Track-listing:

1. Planned Obsolescence
2. Calculating Failure
3. Artifice Hallucination
4. Fulminate

Existentia Lineup:

Mike Sorensen - Bass
Jacob Nunn - Drums and Vocals
Ross Huber - Guitars

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