Starscape 2.0


This is a re-release of EWIGKEIT second album, the band / project was established in 1995 by John […]
By Cullen Baldridge
August 17, 2019
Ewigkeit - Starscape 2.0 album cover

This is a re-release of EWIGKEIT second album, the band / project was established in 1995 by John Foggarty, he plays all instruments on the album.
"Point Of Origin" is some kind of alienist creation of sound with Death Metal vocals, "Unveiling The Mystery" is some more of the same, the intro and outro is the coolest thing about this song. "Legend Of Keshara" begins with some type of aircraft controller type of chatter, it's basically an explosion of noise that some thought sounded cool and laid some Death Metal vocals over it. "The Return Of Planet X" just sounds like a bunch of sound effects thrown together with Death Metal lyrics over it.
"Deviant" is basically for your listening pleasure, some more sound effects with no lyrics, this time. "Lightspeed Evolution" sounds like he at least made attempts at placing things together to form a musical bond. "Starscape" it seems that we have made it to the title track and the 2nd song that sounds like it wasn't just thrown together and actually has some musical talent going on, the bass lines stand out. ""Capsule" is another song that just sounds too manufactured to me, I'm hating just about everything about the song and the album for that matter, I'm not even slightly interested in what the original album sounded like. "Birth Of Horus" seems that there is some type of war going on, a speech of fighting and never giving up. "Space Symphony" is adequately placed at the end because I was happy to be laying this album to rest.
I've reviewed several albums that weren't exactly in my taste but have always tried to be fair and give credit for the talent even if it's not my thing, but this isn't even music to me.
Songwriting 4
Originality 4
Memorability 1
Production 3

3 / 10


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"Starscape 2.0" Track-listing:

1. Point Of Origin
2. Unveiling The Mystery
3. Legend Of Keshara
4. The Return Of Planet X
5. Deviant
6. Lightspeed Evolution
7. Starscape
8. Capsule
9. Birth Of Horus
10. Space symphony

Ewigkeit Lineup:

John Foggarty - All Instruments / Vocals

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