Blue Septime Winters

Ewig Frost

It is the second release from Ashen Productions that falls into my hands. This time […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
May 12, 2007
Ewig Frost - Blue Septime Winters album cover

It is the second release from Ashen Productions that falls into my hands. This time I have to do with one more Black Metal band under the name EWIG FROST. I have already said many things regarding the current state of the Black Metal scene, so the only thing I have to say is that I just hope EWIG FROST is not one more evil shitty band with a production that will make my ears bleed. Let's get on with it and see what this band can offer.

EWIG FROST is a band that hails from Austria and it was formed in 2003. As we can see, we have to deal with a pretty fresh band. Ewig frost stands for eternal frost, probably in their country's language. Anyway, the only thing the band had released before this album was a demo in 2003, so as you can easily understand this is their debut album, which is issued through Ashen Productions. Debut album from a Black Metal band. It seems I may need plenty of patience...

The first thing that on the one hand impressed me, but on the other hand irritated me was a phrase in the booklet (Nazi poser, give it up you fucking loser). It impressed me because I usually come across bands with - even not so obvious - Nazi ideology, but it irritated me because I hate watching bands confusing music with political, religious or in general ideological war. I agree 100% with the fact that music is a way of expressing yourself, but music is not a weapon to start a war with! Anyway, I am not here to judge the band's ideology (do not confuse my words and believe I am a Nazi or something like that), but the band's music. The album starts with an atmospheric intro. After the intro, here comes the band's Black Metal rocket. The fact is that I didn't really manage to find any interest in Blue Septime Winters. I listened to the album several times and there wasn't even one time that I was concentrated 100% on the music. EWIG FROST deliver an album full of nine common and boring Black Metal compositions, packaged with a shitty production. I really cannot find words to describe this work. It is just a classic example of Black Metal's current state. This scene is full of mediocre (or shitty) bands that try to convince us that they do deserve our attention and our money. I am sorry to say this, but a release that will be put aside and will never enter my CD player again does not deserve my money.

If you are a die-hard fan of underground, uninspired Black Metal with shitty production, you may find this album interesting. Otherwise do not even think about spending your money on Blue Septime Winters. There are much better releases out there.

3 / 10


"Blue Septime Winters" Track-listing:

Landscapes Of Frost (The Dying Emotion)
Army Of The Beast
Throne Of Slaves
Die Brut
Twisted Blood
Visions Of Black
Blue Septime Winters (Blood Of Brothers)

Ewig Frost Lineup:

N - Vocals, Guitar
F - Bass
D - Drums

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