Goodbye To The Feast...Welcome To The Famine


Carrying ten years of obscure baggage, EVISORAX are a band that feels no pain. With […]
By Isha Shah
March 11, 2015
Evisorax - Goodbye To The Feast...Welcome To The Famine album cover

Carrying ten years of obscure baggage, EVISORAX are a band that feels no pain. With the latest release of "Goodbye To The Feast...Welcome To The Famine", the trio really hit their mark with this record, topping them all. Forming from two bands (KROKDIL, NARCOSIS) their names have been on the lips of every Grindcore's fan for the past few years, producing some of the most extraordinary pieces of art.

With a track that is just long enough to just call a song, "Greedy Pig" blasts right away without any short intro or warning sign of what is to come. Instantly the track hits you with its raw intensity of fast pace bashing continuously, while howling banshee vocals are layered on top. A mixture of all things brutal, pig squeals and treacherous sounds are all found within this first track.

Following their disconnected voice, the band bleed out with another throat chocking track, "Blood Fucking Blisters", which is an old school Grind song the band have toyed with before, in previous records. The track differs only ever so slightly with an under layer of groove mixes produced by a repetitive guitar riff.

However there is a great sense of diversity within the following tracks. "Locust Breeders" changes its tempos in all the right places, producing a Hardcore influenced track that combines their classic tune accordingly. Making sure that no song is too alike; the bands efforts have paid off with the seven-tracked album highlighting EVISORAX's finest work yet.

Playing around a little with their song titles, "So Many Fat People, During The Famine" is not only the most obscure, but also the strongest track off the record. Its complete noise allows the track to stand alone, easily stealing all of the limelight. More focused on the build-up of tension soon to be released, the song pauses on the bands chaotic structure and eases you in slowly. Positioned at an odd point in the record, the track would be better suited as an opener, as it exposes just enough noise to grab your attention.

EVISORAX may be one of the rare hero's in Grindcore, proving that they can cover more than bargained for with their slashing music that has show great progression from previous records.

7 / 10


"Goodbye To The Feast...Welcome To The Famine" Track-listing:

1. Greedy Pig
2. Blood Fucking Blisters
3. The Last Horrendous Concubines
4. Locust Breeders
5. End User
6. So Many Fat People, During The Famine
7. All The Best Bits, They Left Out Of Your Death

Evisorax Lineup:

Simon Wright - Vocals
Simon Bishop - Drums
Daniel Lynch - Guitar

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