Infected Nations


One thing to understand about Infected Nations, the brand new album from British Thrash leaders […]
By Josh West
November 22, 2009
Evile - Infected Nations album cover

One thing to understand about Infected Nations, the brand new album from British Thrash leaders EVILE, is that this isn't an album that plans on providing more of the same; in fact this is an album that takes every opportunity to give less of the same. This is the album designed to take the band in new directions and too new heights.

Make no mistake, EVILE have taken a big risk with Infected Nations, a risk that will no doubt divide new and old fans alike. This is down to a few changes; the most prominent is down to Matt's singing voice. He has decided to go all 1990 James Hetfield on us (I jest) and has gotten voice training. While this gives his voice some depth and substance, I personally think it has lost some of the passion and the raw power that made Enter The Grave so charming, saying that however, his old voice would not have suited the new lyrics and the darker tone of the new album.
Here comes the second risk; they have moved away from the classic American Thrash sound and instead have come out with 9 tracks that are truly like nothing I have heard this year. This is Thrash with a serious dose of attitude, while not as in your face and immediate as Enter The Grave. This is an album that is genuinely menacing in its sound. It can sound hallowing and eerie one minute and the next have you thrashing your neck all the way to the doctor's waiting room. This is not only a massive progression, but it is a bloody good one to!

The chug and aggression is still here, just soaked in some darker production and lyrics. Russ Russell has done a bloody superb job on this album he has taken EVILE and pushed them into finding their own sound in a scene which is drowning in copy-cat, samey bands. Every member has come into there own, storming tracks like Devoid of Thought and the incredible title track Infected Nation demonstrate how far they have come. The album opens up with eerie melodic guitars and quickly moves from headcrushing riff to headcrushing riff. When the drums first kicked in on the title track it felt like an adrenaline shot strait into my heart, they are heavy as hell's gates themselves.

Ol deserves a special mention, we all knew he could shred, but...just wow, this guy really knows his way round the fret board. He is quickly establishing himself as not only one of the best guitarists in the underground, but one of the best around.

At first I was disappointed, but the more time I gave it, the more I was impressed. This album is a grower, and works on so many levels. This is hard to believe this is still EVILE, gone are the simplistic structures and riffs and in its place is an intelligent, technical Thrash album that has thrown the rulebook out of the window. While I have already mentioned a few risks the band has taken, here is the biggest: The album closes off with an 11-minute monster instrumental. This is both fucking epic and a little daunting, but it takes many twists and turns and isn't just a filler track - whether I want to see them attempt it live is of course another matter altogether, but I applaud them for the sheer awesomeness of it!

I'll cut to the chase as this has been a rather long review; Infected Nations makes Enter The Grave sound like a demo tape. The new sound, the new style EVILE have reinvented themselves and for once change is good. So stop being a stubborn bitch and buy this album; Thrash fan, extreme Metal fan, Heavy Metal fan in general! I call to you, get this album and you will not regret it!

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

"Infected Nations" Track-listing:

Infected Nation
Now Demolition
Plague To End All Plagues
Devoid Of Thought
Time No More
Hundred Wrathful Deities

Evile Lineup:

Matt Drake - Guitars, Vocals
Ol Drake - Lead Guitar
Mike Alexander - Bass
Ben Carter - Drums

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