Pulses of Pleasure

Evil Invaders

Just when I thought that the true arts of Speed Metal were a thing of […]
February 18, 2015
Evil Invaders - Pulses of Pleasure album cover

Just when I thought that the true arts of Speed Metal were a thing of the past. Coming to think of it, the larger part of the Metal bands nowadays hustling things up when they wish to without being labeled about it. On the other hand, there was always something mystifying in 80's Speed Metal and the energies that it inhibited from within that made it somewhat different from Thrash or other forms of Metal the relied on full throttle. I won't start blabbering on ancient history, so I will head forward with my review of the debut release by the Belgian old school moshers, EVIL INVADERS. Alongside touring extensively, this bunch actually had the time to write an album, and here they go with "Pulses Of Pleasure", via Napalm Records no other. With this debut out, these wildlings joins new revival bands such as ENFORCER, SKULL FIST amongst others to honor the gods of gold and old. All the clichés in the genre can never be used up and I justify this belief with this here release.

The only way one is going to shut down EVIL INVADERS' grip of the gas pedal is only if you will empty their fuel or merely just kick the drummer from the kit, because as "Pules Of Pleasure" generally suggests, they won't be stopping. Gathering velocity like maniacs, resembling MOTORHEAD, RUNNING WILD, EXCITER and I would even notice several early METALLICA and EXODUS, in conjunction with fine British Metal harmonic nostalgia al'a IRON MAIDEN, Danish early MERCYFUL FATE and Teutonic heaviness in the spirit of early HELLOWEEN, the Belgians has everything needed for an old school jamboree. Largely, between the enjoyable kicking, rattling and screaming by guitarist Johannes Van Audenhove, which really pushed the high ends of his voice to the maximum of King Diamond standards (sometimes too much), the songs show character of a truly devoted band for the preservation of the older days. Their melodic touch is admirable, handling classic driven riffery that is compelling, often right there on the spot to nick you, yet also surprising on occasion. When the lead guitar is called upon, no doubt that both guitarists has been inspired by the NWOBHM's essence of magic, shackle breaking soloing while the engines roar in the midst of several lower in tempo passionate markers.

So there I stroll through their tracklist, comprised of eight bites to the bone and a pure IRON MAIDENish intro that leaped in the middle of "Strange World" and "Remember Tomorrow". As for actual songs, "Pulses of Pleasure" acted as if I was in the looney bin, contradicting between three personalities. From a kind of itchy preaching surging to become an EXCITER attack, to a galvanizing MOTORHEAD attack, hard hitting without mercy only to comfortably welcome the divine ascension of classic melodic Metal performance. "Venom" is a shot back to the sweet 80's, as if the others aren't, yet this one felt so British that I could taste an English cake. This is a display of a catchy tune, kind of a HELL generated vocal type that is virtuously insane. The ultra-catch phrasing of "Master of Illusion" is what you would call a prize, the old MAIDEN inner self embodying this melodic and riff based skirmish, proving that EVIL INVADERS possess the knowledge for one of the best aspects of traditional Metal music. Furthermore, the last tune comes as the less speedy racing, so if you had enough of high octane triumph, grasp your wits for this one.

Tasting steel is by choice as always, as you can probably end up listening to something modern in your back catalog, but to immerse the true steel, EVIL INVADERS should be one of your choices. Old school Metal would never be considered dead when we have a band such as this. It might be only the debut, yet I expect that bullets will be flying in the sophomore. Till then, continue to be "Fast, Loud N' Rude".

8 / 10


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"Pulses of Pleasure" Track-listing:

1. Fast, Loud 'n' Rude
2. Pulses of Pleasure
3. Eclipse of the Mind
4. Siren
5. Stairway to Insanity
6. Shot to Paradise
7. Venom
8. Blinded (Intro)
9. Master of Illusion 

Evil Invaders Lineup:

Johannes Van Audenhove - Lead Vocals / Guitars
Sam Lemmens - Guitars
Senne Jacobs - Drums
Nico Beekwilder - Bass

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