Toxic Grace

Evil Dead

“Toxic Grace” has all the ingredients of traditional Thrash Metal, and it is a smart mixture of aggressive tracks at fast pace, and melodic doom-laden mid-tempo tracks
May 21, 2024

EVIL DEAD hailing from Los Angeles, California were formed in 1987. After several periods of being active and inactive, the Thrash Metal outfit are back in business since 2016. They released one EP, three full-length albums, and one live album so far. Album number four was produced and mixed by Dave Casey and Rob Hill at Phase 66, and it was mastered by Dave Roman. It has a length of more than 35 minutes. “Toxic Grace” was released via German Metal specialists Steamhammer.

 Toxic Grace” has a powerful start with thunderous riffing and crushing basslines. “F.A.F.O.” is a classical mid-tempo Thrash Metal track with direct riffing and dark melodies. There are a few twists in tempo and rhythm, but the main part remains mid-tempo with a lot of double-bass drumming leading the track forward. The vocals are harsh and are around the medium end of the vocal range with some vocal shifts towards either end. While “F.A.F.O.” focuses more on darkness in the melodies, “Reverie” is a mixture of both, pace and chilling melodies. The verse parts are played at crazy speed and the chorus parts come in mid-tempo with almost anthemic chorus lines. The melodies of the chorus part and the extended break are grim, and some parts are even doom-laden. A contributing extended lead guitar solo is at the heart of the mid-tempo break and EVIL DEAD manage it very elegant to transition the break over to the final verse part at breakneck speed. “Raising Fresh Hell” starts with traditional Thrash riffing at mid-tempo leading into the verse part. The track is a head-banger with a bridge at a measured tempo leading into the very simple chorus line. Highlight of the track is the cool lead guitar solo. The melodies of “Raising Fresh Hell” are catchy, making the track to one of the best songs on the album.

 Stupid On Parade” starts with a short guitar pre-lude providing the main riff of the track. It is a track played at frantic pace during the verse parts, interrupted by short parts at measured tempo with blood-freezing melodies. The track is all about good songwriting and EVIL DEAD do an excellent job in managing the balance between aggressiveness and pace on one side, and a grim melodic framework on the other side. “Subjugated Souls” starts with an extended guitar-driven instrumental part at mid-tempo, transitioning seamlessly into a fast verse part. The track has many switches in tempo and rhythm, where the slower parts are driven by bone-chilling melodies. “Subjugated Souls” is the official video release, and the YouTube link is provided below. “Bathe In Fire” comes with a change in sound. The focus of this track at a measured tempo is put on doom-laden melodies coming straight from the abyss. This approach is very effective especially during the break leading to the lead guitar solo. The occasional additional use of acoustic guitars adds extra darkness to the track. “Bathe In Fire” is with more than five minutes the longest album track.

 Interestingly, “Poetic Omen” does not provide a contrast in sound compared to “Bathe In Fire”. It continues with the measured tempo and the darkness in melodies. The riffing is more on the traditional Thrash Metal side and the track is more a head-banger with changes in rhythm towards mid-tempo. The break leads into a short lead guitar solo at a faster pace. “Poetic Omen” sounds a bit unfinished as the track simply fades out. After the two-minutes instrumental “World Ov Rats”, the album ends in classical Thrash fashion with the fast “Fear Porn”. It makes up a bit for the slower preceding tracks. “Fear Porn” is a track for the pit, it has everything for a Thrash Metal fan: blistering pace, aggressiveness, dark melodies, and outstanding lead guitar solos. It is a great way to end the album.

 EVIL DEAD deliver a traditional Thrash Metal album, and it is a good delivery. “Toxic Grace” has all the ingredients of traditional Thrash Metal, and one wonders that it still works after 40 years of Thrash. “Toxic Grace” is a smart mixture of aggressive tracks at fast pace, and melodic doom-laden mid-tempo tracks. The album is well produced. Thrash Metal fans will be delighted with the new album of EVIL DEAD and looking forward to some exciting live shows in the pit.

8 / 10









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"Toxic Grace" Track-listing:
  1. F.A.F.O.
  2. Reverie
  3. Raising Fresh Hell
  4. Stupid On Parade  
  5. Subjugated Souls  
  6. Bathe In Fire
  7. Poetic Omen  
  8. World Ov Rats
  9. Fear Porn
Evil Dead Lineup:

Phil Flores Vocals

Juan Garcia Guitars

Albert Gonzales Guitars

Rob Alaniz Drums

Karlos Medina Bass

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