The Sky Is The Limit

Evidence One

Three cards, the relative albums, five men, one music. EVIDENCE ONE can as well be […]
By Grigoris Chronis
May 27, 2007
Evidence One - The Sky Is The Limit album cover

Three cards, the relative albums, five men, one music. EVIDENCE ONE can as well be entitled as one of the most interesting European Hard 'n' Heavy acts the last years. And this, not only because of their (relatively) personal style - combining the finest parts of Hard Rock sounds with the most crucial elements of Euro Metal music - but also due to their special ability of being treated as a nice band, no matter if you like the specific style or not. In year 2007, The Sky Is The Limit does nothing less than adding further credit to this fact.
Have you ever been deceived by a band Press Release for the new album, stating album to-date... or ...their most mature effort... or of the best releases for year xxx...? Well, in The Sky Is The Limit this is not the actual case, since this album can easily be considered their best so far. Many fans regard a band's third album as the 'crucial' one for its further career/reputation/success. If this is common sense, EVIDENCE ONE has strong chances reserving their own standing due to an album that does not lack either songs or strong production. And the funny thing is - a sign of the times? - that this German quintet cannot easily be categorized under a sub-genre title. By gradually hardening their sound, this will not be an easier task...again.
A new lead guitarist - Joerg Warthy Wartmann - has been added in the EVIDENCE ONE lineup. Original  axeman Robby Bobel decided to occupy himself with the music/production duties in the band. Aimed by Carsten Lizard Schulz (also in DOMAIN) himself, the two men are responsible for The Sky Is The Limit; ten tracks of excellent (written and performed) songs flirting with both Hard Rock and Heavy Metal music. Catchy songs make this a great album, by all means. The same titled tuned is a mid-tempo killer in the vain of ('mainstream') ACCEPT, bringing up a great BONFIRE-alike harmonic chorus. Mr. Madness reminded me of some post-80s PRETTY MAIDS rolling thunder while The Luxury Of Losing Hope is dominated by a groovy sharp tempo, ideal for your night drive; again a kick-ass multi-vocal chorus is present. It's time for slowing things down now, and Won't Sleep Alone sounds like an 'AXEL RUDI PELL-plays-TONY MARTIN-sings' tune.
Propaganda sees the band occupied with some mystic melodies/sounds and atmospheric melodies - not a new fact, since Tattooed Heart featured such a elements. On the other hand, Can't Fight The Past would limited-doubt reveal itself as the most radio-friendly cut, bringing to mind the likes of FRONTLINE, JADED HEART and FAIR WARNING, the same time that Gallery Of Broken Glass marks a more PRETTY MAIDS-influenced (again) heaving tempo. Rain Road features some notable twin lead guitar work, but - to some extend - resembles to some of the previous tracklist. On to Mindmines, remember what was said for the Propaganda track and multiply by two. The oriental EVIDENCE ONE Metal likes...
Some (again) beautiful leads in the 'ethereal' Raging Winds wrap up an album destined to become the band's finest CD so far. Schulz still is a wonderful singer - using the proper portions of melody and aggression in his voice - and the rest of the band does some fantastic job (the guitar work, in specific, is phenomenal!). Life is soooo simple sometimes...PRETTY MAIDS, (little of) VANDEN PLAS, FRONTLINE, DOMAIN, (sweet) SINNER, PINK CREAM 69 and (thankfully) EVIDENCE ONE.

8 / 10


"The Sky Is The Limit" Track-listing:

The Sky Is The Limit
Mr. Madness
The Luxury Of Losing Hope
Won't Sleep Alone
Can't Fight The Past
Gallery Of Broken Glass
Rain Road
Raging Winds

Evidence One Lineup:

Carsten Schulz - Vocals
Jorg Wartmann - Guitars
Rami Ali - Drums
Thomas Bauer - Bass
Wolfgang Schimmer - Guitars

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