The Big Dirty

Every Time I Die

The Buckley brothers are back once again to drive us crazy with their insane guitar […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
November 20, 2007
Every Time I Die - The Big Dirty album cover

The Buckley brothers are back once again to drive us crazy with their insane guitar work, twisted vocals and incredible drumming. There has only been two years since the band's really good previous album Gutter Phenomenon, which was released by the same label. Do these guys still have the strength to make us wonder how do they write and perform such songs? The Big Dirty is the answer to our question...

The US metallers have made many people wonder about their abilities and even though their music is considered to be trendy nowadays, EVERY TIME I DIE had the guts to set this trend, not follow it. What made this band known is its incredible talent to defy the rules of regular compositions and create an insane style of Hardcore/Metalcore/Mathcore with the mix of many different elements.

So we reach the year 2007. The band releases its brand new album The Big Dirty and I can see that a slight disappointment is coming out of my speakers. Even though it is a really good album, it is not what I expected from the Buffalo based Metal act. The compositions are not that complex and Keith Buckley has softened up his vocals a bit. The guitar work is groovier and there were times that the band reminded me of bands like FU MANCHU (Rendez-Voodoo). It is good to feature new elements in your music, but no matter what you do, you have to keep your band's identity, something that the band lost in this album.

The great production and the band's insanity remain, but the twisted guitar work and the sick vocals are hidden somewhere in the past. Many of you may like the band's new version, but much more people will probably feel the same disappointment with me. A good album, but not an album that matches EVERY TIME I DIE's abilities.

6 / 10

Had Potential

"The Big Dirty" Track-listing:

No Son Of Mine
Pigs Is Pigs
Rebel Without Applause
Cities And Years
A Gentleman's Sport
Buffalo Gals
Imitation Is The Sincerest Form Of Battery

Every Time I Die Lineup:

Keith Buckley - Vocals
Andrew Williams - Guitar
Jordan Buckley - Guitar
Michael Novak - Drums

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