The Inner Circle


If you look up the word Evergrey in a dictionary you will find the following: […]
By Fotis Theodoratos
May 16, 2004
Evergrey - The Inner Circle album cover

If you look up the word Evergrey in a dictionary you will find the following: Swedish Metal Band definition of progressive Heavy Metal. At least in my dictionary of All-things-Metal you will find it for sure!
Evergrey are moving forward and deeper in complexity and feelings in every album. Heavy fast guitars and powerful drums heightened by Tom's voice at times, while at certain songs the music just sustains and follows the feeling Tom's voice delivers.
They evolved from their debut The Dark Discovery in 1998 to a robust, The Inner Circle in 2004. Every album's a step higher and deeper into the human psyche. Ever dealing with the society and it's problems in all its forms, they have made all of us part of their (maybe our?) world. Let me tell you this, if all music genres evolved they way Evergrey did, then music would sound very different today.
On to the album now. The Inner Circle deals with religious fanaticism as yet another social problem. It involves people hiding behind religious ideas to promote and indulge into hideous actions. I will gladly grant them that every time you listen this album, their music draws you deeper into the feelings and masterful execution of the songs. Heavy and deep guitar riffing, great drums, well executed keyboards, exceptional vocals and masterful production at Division One Studios.
A Touch Of Blessing is a great opener drawing you into the album followed by a fast Ambassador. In The Wake Of The Weary and Harmless Wishes are a testament to Evergrey's progressive sound heavy and fast but mellow and melodic with a awesome mixture of Tom's voice along with Carina Englund's voice (yes the choir-like vocal melodies belong to Tom's wife). Waking Up Blind along with Faith Restored, keep the ballad formula of all their previous albums, delivering a more relaxed listening, and stressing the melody of Evergrey's songs.
More Than Ever is more into the progressive sound and prepares the listener for the best song of the album (in my opinion), The Essence Of Conviction which is the epitome of how symphonic, lyrical, heavy Evergrey are. Then, finally Where All Good Sleep and When The Walls Go Down ease you out from the listening experience back to the present.
Once again Evergrey have proved that they deserve all the praises been handed out to them. Constantly evolving, avoiding repetitions and recipes of style forming, they managed to make this latest album stand out of their previous ones in a non comparable way (I mean to get the full picture just grab their previous four ones and you will know). Definitely though you will be inexcusable if you do not grab this one!

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

"The Inner Circle" Track-listing:

A Touch Of Blessing
In The Wake Of The Weary
Harmless Wishes
Waking Up Blind
More Than Ever
The Essence Of Conviction
Where All Good Sleep
Faith Restored
When The Walls Go Down

Evergrey Lineup:

Rikard Zander - Keyboards & Backing Vocals
Henrik Danhage - Guitars & Backing Vocals
Tom S. Englund - Vocals & Guitars
Michael Hakansson - Bass
Jonas Ekdahl - Drums
Carina Englund - All Female Vocals (guest)
Gothenburg Symphonic Orchestra - String Quartet (guest)

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