Tried And Failed


I'm not the biggest Gothic fan in the world. Still, the genre somewhat appeals to […]
By Michael Dalakos
August 26, 2005
Evereve - Tried And Failed album cover

I'm not the biggest Gothic fan in the world. Still, the genre somewhat appeals to me, especially the most Metal or the most modern aspects of it. Evereve had already caught my attention with their two previous albums (E-Mania in 2001 and Enetics in 2003), and at some point I must have also checked their older records, so I was eager to listen to their brand new attempt.
Though Tried And Failed carries such a pessimistic title, it can't be considered as a failure in any way. As an album it definitely boosts all these elements the two previous releases included which made me love this act in the first place. And even though nicely balanced between classic Goth (A Scornful Love) and heavy (Tried And Failed), where the album really delivers is in its modern aspect, beautifully manifesting with songs like Pine Oil Heaven. It's always a pleasure to see a band that knows how to handle electronics.  
Longtime producer Gerhard Magin once again managed to craft a solid sound while the artwork... well, it's quite tantalizing I can say! In conclusion, I found Tried And Failed a much better release than the band's two previous attempts. Fans of modern Goth must check this one out!
- Album Highlights: You're Mine, Pine Oil Heaven and the two Thighs Wide Shut intros!

8 / 10


"Tried And Failed" Track-listing:

Thighs Wide Shut
Tried & Failed
You're Mine
A Scornful Love
Pine Oil Heaven
I'm Not Afraid (Of Losing You Again)
Anima Sola
On Thin Ice
Hide From Me
Thighs Wide Shut - Reprise
Before Sunrise
Epilogue 2005

Evereve Lineup:

Michael Zeissl - Vocals & Keyboards
Thorsten Weiίenberger - Guitar
Stephan Kiefer - Guitar
Stefan Mόller - Bass
Martin Claas - Drums

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