EVERDAWN is a Symphonic Metal band based out of New Jersey. The band was originally […]
February 4, 2021
Everdawn - Cleopatra album cover

EVERDAWN is a Symphonic Metal band based out of New Jersey. The band was originally known as MIDNIGHT ETERNAL. Following successful tours in support of QUEENSRYCHE and THERION, the band went through a line-up change during the demo phase of their second album. The core writing team of Richard Fischer, Boris Zaks, and Daniel Prestup remained intact. With the addition of Alina Gavrilenko on vocals and Mike LePond on bass, the band rechristened themselves as EVERDAWN. Through the course of eleven epic new songs, the band delivers 48 minutes of progressive symphonic excellence on their conceptual work "Cleopatra." The album contains eleven tracks.

"Ghost Shadow Requiem" leads off the album. It opens with a fast riff and some symphonic elements. Double bass drums kick in, and the harmonized vocals of Alina Gavrilenko. She has a beautiful voice, no doubt classically trained. The lead guitar passages is fantastic. "Stranded in Banglaore" is shorter, and chugs with a mid-tempo cadence. Strong vocal harmonies come out in the chorus. This is closer to Power Metal than Progressive Metal in my opinion. The title track opens with dual guitar harmonies and some wonderful lead notes. Then, it turns dark, and goes through some classical guitar progressions, leading to another great guitar section where the darkness comes through strong.

"Your Majesty Sadness" begins with a slow and powerful groove, with a slightly sad tone, as the title suggests. Male vocals come into play her in a duet with Alina Gavrilenko. As the guitar solo section progresses, the song gains energy from a strong mid-section of bass and drums. "Infinity Divine" features a mid-temp groove with some opening lead guitar harmonies. The chorus is rich and full of vocal harmonies...female and male. "Pariah's Revenge" begins with more lead guitar notes as well as some keys. Gavrilenko turns it up in the chorus, reaching the ceiling of her range with ease. It picks up in pace and energy around the half-way mark, ending on a crescendo of sound.

"Lucid Dream" opens with some heavy symphonic elements and a hasty feeling. Gavrilenko goes for broke with some glass-shattering notes. A keyboard solo follows the guitar solo, and it's obvious that there are quite talented musicians. "Heart of a Lion" is a slower, and more powerful number. The riff holds steady on the open E note for the most part, until the chorus, which beams with positive energy. "Toledo 712 A.D." is a shorter instrumental where the band showcase some Progressive elements quite nicely. It has a menacing edge to it, mostly where keys meet up with the guitar, bass, and drums. "Rider of the Storm" opens with a heavier and more aggressive set of guitars, with vocal chants. The chord progressions are right on the mark here, and it creates a catchy song with a pretty edge to it. Man is the lead guitarist exceptional.

"The Last Eden" closes the album. It begins with a slower pace, letting the symphonic elements soak in to your skin. It isn't until after the one-minute mark when vocals finally come in. The harmonies she builds are very charming. Lead guitars dance around this rhythmic sequence and it closes on a heart-felt tone. Overall, this was a very nice Power/Progressive Metal album where each band member pulled their own weight. I would be re-miss not to mention what Alina Gavrilenko brings to the table...her voice is both well controlled and very charming. Mike LePond is also very well-known from his time in SYMPHONY X. The rest of the band are also very strong musicians, and that balance of catchy songs with high levels of musicianship are what is best on the album.

8 / 10









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"Cleopatra" Track-listing:

1. Ghost Shadow Requiem
2. Stranded in Bangalore
3. Cleopatra
4. Your Majesty Sadness
5. Infinity Divine
6. Pariah's Revenge
7. Lucid Dream
8. Heart of a Lion
9. Toledo 712 A.D.
10. Rider of the Storm
11. The Last Eden

Everdawn Lineup:

Richard Fischer
Boris Zaks
Daniel Prestup
Alina Gavrilenko
Mike LePond

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