Far Across The Wasteland

Event Horizon X

Argh! The crazy metalhead from Crete strikes for the third time and this time he […]
By Michael Dalakos
December 28, 2005
Event Horizon X - Far Across The Wasteland album cover

Argh! The crazy metalhead from Crete strikes for the third time and this time he nails it down for good. I am so happy to see Michael getting better, album by album, in every aspect concerning a release. Event Horizon X is the personal vessel of Michael Rinakakis that does everything by himself. And though I am against one man bands, I admit that this one seems to work out fine.
The Power / Thrash / Epic style Even Horizon X have chosen to follow will satisfy a broad variety of fans: from those who listen to Rhapsody to the fans of Iced Earth! No bullshit guys, this piece of work seems to slip between genres in a quite smooth way. Yes, some cliches do exist but then again there is not one single moment that I thought let's skip this track.
I only have one objection: the short duration of the album. Don't get me wrong, I don't believe that good albums must run for more than 70 minutes but this one runs only a few minutes over half an hour and that really downgrades its value for money level. But it is more than obvious that within those 30 minutes (give or take) the band manifests itself in an excellent way. The production is great - but the artwork could have been better. Let's also mention that the CD contains a video for Setting Free The Damned plus some wallpapers. All in all it is an interesting piece of work.

8 / 10


"Far Across The Wasteland" Track-listing:

Far Across The Wasteland
The Gate
Volunteer (Krandor)
Destruction Is Imminent (Instrumental)
Sailing Away
Leaving Behind (Archon)
Back To Earth
Self Destruct Sequence (Instrumental)

Event Horizon X Lineup:

Michael Rinakakis - All Instruments

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