Along Came The Winter

Event Horizon X

Despite all odds, Michael Rinakakis strikes again with the second album of his project band […]
By Michael Dalakos
October 16, 2005
Event Horizon X - Along Came The Winter album cover

Despite all odds, Michael Rinakakis strikes again with the second album of his project band Event Horizon X. Crete's finest one-man band returns with a grudge and though short in duration (roughly above thirty minutes) Along Came The Winter proves to be an album superior to its predecessor.
Event Horizon X is actually a one man band. Michael Rinakakis does everything but at least he has a lineup for his live shows. Their previous album called Fall Of Darkness was released in 2002 and was an eight track concept piece of work. During all this time Event Horizon X became quite popular by taking part in several live shows (with bands like Power Crue, Marauder, Rotting Christ - all of them are quite respected acts here in Greece).
Along Came The Winter sounds more mature as an album. It is multileveled, the songs sound more detailed, the production is much better (though in this field there's room for improvement), even Michael's way of singing has improved. The band's mixture of melodic / epic / power Metal is often explosive enough and can be easily compared to known acts from abroad. My only suggestion to Michael is to add other musicians in the band's lineup just to give that extra vibe of difference to the band's sound. But I guess that's something personal.
In conclusion, Along Came The Winter is one of those albums that manages to draw the attention of the listener during its entire duration. I didn't manage to peak a favorite from this one since all the songs are equally great. Check them out immediately!

8 / 10


"Along Came The Winter" Track-listing:

Creation Of All
Galaxies And Stars
The Question (Instrumental)
Time Is A Sentence
Life's Endless Journey
The Answer (Instrumental)
Along Came The Winter

Event Horizon X Lineup:

Michael Rinakakis - All Instruments

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