Blue Lightning


Metal maniacs, rejoice! The Thrasher returns to present to you: EVAN; signed via FC Metal, […]
By Craig "Thrashing" Rider
October 10, 2016
Evan - Blue Lightning album cover

Metal maniacs, rejoice! The Thrasher returns to present to you: EVAN; signed via FC Metal, hailing from the glory of Germany - on their debut album entitled "Blue Lightning" performing Power Metal.

Well what do we have here then? I'll tell of the most proficient Power Metal quintets you'll discover in a long time. "Blue Lightning" endorses in some complex musicianship equalities I have heard this year; the first portion of the record is mostly instrumental, which I found a little odd when I came to the second portion of the album which features the RHAPSODY OF FIRE vocalist: Fabio Lione in a couple tracks...nevertheless, nothing devastating as I love a good instrumental record. EVAN intertwines with guitar orientated, neo-classical Metal instruments that sound substantially phenomenal for a solo 21 year old. Focusing on a melodic atmosphere while infusing the Power Metal influential embodiment is evidently a stunning display of showmanship in this endeavor; especially for the age, talent credentials are very much due here. With 8 tracks that complete the standard album; come 3 bonus tracks in this Japanese edition.

I could not find any information on who does the exerts on bass and drums etc... However I do believe that Evan K is the man behind this musical journey; I can not praise him more than I already have done, what's been put into fruition is a legendary landmark of musical excellence. Crafted with complexity, dexterity and efficiency - is "Blue Lightning" which lasts at around over an hour long. An utmost energetic, yet powerful record that deserves all merits.

"Rising" begins "Blue Lightning" with a solid sound production that delivers stellar riffing from this ravenous composer. "Into The Light", "Skies Of Shred" all showcase intense riffery and in that, compiles enlightening instrumentation and most certainly clarifies the genre in question. While I do hear an abundance of melodic infusion in the Power Metal fabrication; I can sense effort and time was most definitely put in to making this record. Blast beats evidently pummel my eardrums with exquisite ferocity. "Picking The Stars", "Orchestra Of Withered Clouds" & the titular track "Blue Lightning" all have indifferently pleasing melodies and transition themselves into a melodic yet powerful tribute. "Edge Of The Sky" & "One Last Time" feature the infamous talent known as Fabio Lione from the almighty RHAPSODY and certainly does his part on vocals; though weird that there are no vocals up to this point, it's still all brilliantly unprecedented.

With all that; comes 3 more songs in this Japanese Edition I am covering, "Everything Is Coming Up Roses" a BLACK enjoyable new song for me, taking the electro-goth interpretation a formidable approach. "Far Beyond The Sun" another enjoyable cover from the famous MALMSTEEM, and finally - an instrumental demo for "Edge Of The Sky". All compel me to say that EVAN is a talented individual and certainly deserves your attention.

Worth checking out for fans of all Metal.<

10 / 10









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"Blue Lightning" Track-listing:

1. Rising
2. Into The Light
3. Skies Of Shread
4. Picking The Stars
5. Orchestra Of Withered Clouds
6. Blue Lightning
7. Edge Of The Sky
8. One Last Time
9. Everything Is Coming Up Roses (Bonus Cover)
10. Far Beyond The Sun (Bonus Track)
11. Edge Of The Sky (Instrumental Demo) (Bonus Track)

Evan Lineup:

Evan K - Everything

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