To Become the Great Beast


From their Facebook page, ETERNITY is "the fire burning in the blackest night, a gateway […]
August 27, 2019
Eternity - To Become the Great Beast album cover

From their Facebook page, ETERNITY is "the fire burning in the blackest night, a gateway to enlightenment through blacklight illumination." "To Become the Great Beast" is the band's second full-length album, and their mission was to "create the ultimate Black Metal album." The album contains ten tracks.

"Sun of Hate" leads us off. It opens with a frightening sound, and a heavy and aggressive riff full of sound. The drums roll in like thunder. The vocals are vile utterances. It ends as abruptly as it started. "Bringer of the Fall" opens with a similar sound...thick guitars and rolling drums. The vocals are harrowing but so far the album isn't bringing much diversity to the table. "Te Nostro Deum Sathanas" has a slightly slower grind but that guitar presences is still very much alive. The song has a slightly depressing tone to it as well. "If I Ever Lived" has a similar sound. They really aren't straying too far from the formula here, and that's playing it safe.

"Horror Vacui" sounds like they are going down the same path again. Each song features a familiar riff and the same pace. It's torturous and gnarly but it's difficult to distinguish one track from the next. "Subspecies Aeterna" is just a little slower in pace, but nearly identical to the previous tracks. Besides having a top notch vocalist, this album wallows in mediocrity. "To Become the Great Beast" is the first song with a little bit of variation; coming from the opening riff. But it fairly quickly settles into the same trap as previous all-too-familiar pattern. "Violator" opens with a more discernable riff and some alternative way to assimilate the song. It's a slower grind, where the vocals align well with the main riff, bass guitar, and drums.

"Empire" starts off another similar sounding song. At one point the riffing becomes very aggressive, like a Thrash Metal song. This brings at least some variety to the album. Towards the end, it changes again, being the first singularly unique song on the album. "Nine Magic Songs" closes the album, with a new sound, but it's too little too late for me. I sure wish they would have had this attitude in some of the previous tracks. Overall, it's not a bad sound by any stretch of the genre's just they stuck with the same formula in the first eight tracks and just tried to drive it down your throat. In the end it was hard to distinguish one track from the other.

4 / 10

Nothing special








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"To Become the Great Beast" Track-listing:

1. Sun of Hate
2. Bringer of the Fall
3. Te Nostro Deum Sathanas
4. If Ever I Lived
5. Horror Vacui
6. Subspecies Aeterna
7. To Become the Great Beast
8. Violator
9. Empire
10. Nine Magic Songs

Eternity Lineup:

Evighet - Guitar & Vocals
J. Røe - Guitar
T. Ødegaard - Drums
Blasphemer - Bass

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