From Bandcamp, "mundicide means the killing of the world, and the cover artwork shows human […]
Eternity - Mundicide album cover

From Bandcamp, "mundicide means the killing of the world, and the cover artwork shows human arms holding weapons, growing out of the planet. This represents a dual potential future outcome. Humanity finds itself at a threshold. In contrast to the seemingly unavoidable destruction of our species and its home world, there is the hope that we can still live up to our potential and the evolutionary commands of the planet that brought us forth. Working together with the Earth Herself, we could bring about a glorious age of interstellar travel where we colonize the galaxy and kill other worlds instead of our own." The album has eight songs.

"Journey Towards the Darkside" is the first. The opening tones are chaotic, before the song falls into a harrowing groove, thick with guitars, and vocal screams. The production is somewhat muted as well, and that gives the song that authentic Black Metal feeling. "Under the Gaze of the King" begins with a slower and more punishing groove, but the drums roll in pretty quickly thereafter. The riffs are just a little on the simple side here. The title track, although a bit faster, retains some of the qualities of the previous two songs. Three songs in, and we are not getting much in the way of variation.

"Hymn" has some somber tones, and the first real bit of variation so far. There are some backing clean vocals to help distinguish the sound, but besides that, it isn't very exciting of a songs for me. "Gunmetal Sky" is a short, three-minute blast of a faster pace with thick instrumentation. "Pest! Frykten i den andres øye" begins with a slow and sober sound, and the riff pattern alternates between tones of anger and evil, and tones of despair. Six songs in, and the album is underwhelming for me. "O Discordia" is a shorter song, and so far, the band seems set in this pattern of a longer song followed by a shorter one. The sound itself, however, is more of the same.

"The Seventh Seal" closes the album; a beastly 10-minute song. Much of the song is shrouded in frightening tones, and the pace quickens and relaxes again a few times. There is a brief slow down after the half way mark, but it last for only a few bars. Overall, this wasn't a bad album per se, but many of the songs ran together. This is by far the worst feature on an album, in my opinion, because it keeps the album forgettable. That is unfortunately the case here.

5 / 10









"Mundicide" Track-listing:

1. Journey Towards the Darkside
2. Under the Gaze of the King
3. Mundicide
4. Hymn
5. Gunmetal Sky
6. Pest! Frykten i den andres øye
7. O Discordia
8. The Seventh Seal

Eternity Lineup:

Eternity - All Instruments, Vocals

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