The Summer That Will Not Come

Eternal White Trees

From their EPK, "The Summer That Will Not Come" is melancholic, haunting and beautifully painful […]
Eternal White Trees - The Summer That Will Not Come album cover

From their EPK, "The Summer That Will Not Come" is melancholic, haunting and beautifully painful delivering their unique sense of nostalgia through all the aspects of their artistic proposal. Gerassimos uses his voice to display a plethora of wailing, clean and beautiful tones with melodic vocals to reflect the power of the magic crafted from the whole band. The drumming seems to explore the depth of souls thanks to its doomy vibe able to touch listeners' hearts. The emphasis on the guitars with its ethereal strings unwind into a darkened light, recalling a vision of flowing and travelling through time." The album has eight songs.

"It Comes the Rain" is the first. Following the light rain, eerie guitar notes join. The Doomy sound slowly increases in little measures, and then fades away, as slowly as it entered. "Ravens Lady" is the first song with vocals. Out of the gate, the song is a bit quicker in pace with some audible bass notes. The vocals are sung in harmonies with one part over top the other. The music is depressing, but not completely hopeless. Lead guitar breaks accent the melancholy feelings. "Reasons" is similar to the previous song. I believe the clean vocals keep the song from really getting under your skin. Harsh vocals and Doom go together better, in my opinion. The song hangs in a period of limbo, not positive, or not so negative either.

"Waters" is a bit harder in scope, from both the vocal layering and the low end instruments. The vocals move slowly, creating a mesmerizing effect of melancholy, and the harsh ones underneath provide some backbone for the song. "The Butterfly and the Hurricane" are two extremes of what the wind can feel like. The first barely registers, and latter is devastatingly damaging. Lead guitar notes carry much of the despondent melody, and the vocals also leave you feeling numb. Still, the song could have more of an impact with some varied sonority. "My Funeral" is again similar in scope. This album could have more of a statement with some heavy accents, for example, and shifts in sound. Instead, mellow tones carry it forward without any changes. It stays in a world of forever grey.

The title track features a nearly identical sound, and at this point in the album, this is what you can expect. Some of the whispered vocals add texture, but the lead breaks continue with the same effect. "Flawless" closes the album. Keyboards lead this song, but the change of sound is too little, too late, and here come the lead notes once again, the same as before. Overall, the album unfortunately had eight songs with nearly the same sound continued from one song to another. There was so little variation. Some of the depressing tones were marked, but you could interchange one song with any other. A little variation would have gone a long way.

5 / 10









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"The Summer That Will Not Come" Track-listing:

1. It Comes the Rain
2. Ravens Lady
3. Reasons
4. Waters
5. The Butterfly and the Hurricane
6. My Funeral
7. The Summer That Will Not Come
8. Flawless

Eternal White Trees Lineup:

Gerassimos Evangelou - Lead and Backing Vocals
Antonio Billè - Lead and Rhythm Guitar, Bass
Andrea Tilenni - Drums, Synths and Programming

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