The Seed Of Naryll

Eternal Dream

It is always nice and definitely promising to get releases from unsigned bands that have […]
By Dimitris Kontogeorgakos
January 6, 2010
Eternal Dream - The Seed Of Naryll album cover

It is always nice and definitely promising to get releases from unsigned bands that have worked hard to present such a result. I mean, ETERNAL DREAM were kind enough to send us a really nice promo kit with all the material a reviewer wishes to have whenever he lays his hand on something totally fresh. And this band (or should I say project?) from Spain is extremely fresh (if this term is applicable) since it counts only two years of artistic activity. The Seed Of Naryll is the product of this Spanish act that have already created some fuss around their name in their home country as the bio sheet says. So, let's have a look at what they have to offer.
Well, the artwork and the title give a lot of hints about the musical direction of this EP that clearly wanders in fictional landscapes dealing with sci-fi atmospheres. Add to this the operatic vocals by Mrs. Moronta and then you have the big picture about ETERNAL DREAM's debut release. You can start thinking of RHAPSODY OF FIRE, STRATOVARIUS and of course NIGHTWISH. And this means symphonic orchestrations, distinct guitar riffs and soprano vocals that carry the Tarja brand all over this EP. The main difference with the aforementioned bands is that the compositions are more keyboards-based, having the guitars one step in the back. This is not actually bad and it does offer some level of diversity belonging to a music scene where NIGHTWISH have the leading place (OK, there are also EPICA around but...). Although you can feel that the band comprises high skilled musicians, the music partially fails to capture the listener's interest; this is mainly due to the heavy influences that pop up every time the singer approaches the mic. Late THERION finishing touches in the guitars  are part of an attempt to sound different from the striking influences but I feel that they have more to do.
The good thing is that they seem/sound that they have the potential to evolve and produce something more interesting, keeping a safer distance from already carved paths. Click here to watch some ETERNAL DREAM videos.

"The Seed Of Naryll" Track-listing:

Angelus Perversa
Symphony Of Horizon
Sweet Wrath
The Rising
Frozen Salanthine
Waters Of Reality
The Rising (piano version)

Eternal Dream Lineup:

Ana Moronta - Vocals
Ale Rodriguez - Guitar
Niko Hartmann - Guitar
Cesar Rodriguez - Keyboards
Antonio Motta - Bass
Andy Montalbetti - Drums

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