Eternal Dream

ETERNAL DREAM are a symphonic power metal band from Spain. I'm always on the fence […]
By David Crossbowmen
December 26, 2018
Eternal Dream - Daementia album cover

ETERNAL DREAM are a symphonic power metal band from Spain. I'm always on the fence when it comes to concept albums, however, "Daementia" makes a great case to appreciate concept albums. "Daementia", out through Pride and Joy Music, takes from C.S. Lewis and "Alice in Wonderland", with each song covering a variety of emotions and memories. This is definitely a group effort, because the entire band shines on this beast of an album. ETERNAL DREAM consists of Ana Moronta on vocals, Alejandro Rodríguez and Jose Gil on guitars, Adrián Romero on keyboards, Antonio Motta on bass, and Isaías Montiel on drums. ETERNAL DREAM puts the listener on a musical journey and a whirlwind of symphonic power metal.

"Anxiety" kicks off the album and absolutely slays. Ana's vocals are mesmerizing and flows like butter over the music. Epic in every sense of the word. One of the many stand out tracks on the album. "Euphoria" very much has European power metal sensibilities. The chorus is just massive and Ana's vocal melodies are a delight. Jose and Alejandro also do a wonderful job shredding and providing choice riffs. Another stand out track. "Delusion" is a bombastic, galloping number that is sure to please any Nightwish fans as it has all the ingredients to be a kickass banger. "Wrath" is a wave of riff after riff. Again, Jose and Alejandro excel, but keyboardist Adrián, really brings it to the next level.

ETERNAL DREAM do a great job of creating an atmosphere that I'm sure even C.S. Lewis would be proud of. "Amnesia" no less is a prime example. Big props to drummer Isaías and keyboardist Adrián for providing a wonderful soundscape that the listener can put their imagination into. After some time, I was beginning to feel Ana's vocals were becoming monotonous. Not that her vocals are terrible, the opposite actually, rather more routine and repetitive. That all changed with "Insanity". This was a welcome change. Her vocals varied and powerful. Another stand out track that absolutely is a face melter.  "Reverie" gets right into it and continues the shredfest. Great song that starts full speed and evolves. Best solo of the record is on "Reverie". Passionate and impactful. Album closer "Awakening" is haunting and compelling. Ana's vocals are like a siren luring in unsuspecting victims. Another situation where the vocals are varied and makes the album so much better. Ballad of sorts, but I must say this is a perfect closer and stand out track.

With "Daementia", ETERNAL DREAM have crafted a superb power metal experience. The vocal melodies and guitar melodies combined are eargasmic. There is enough variety on "Daementia" to appeal to fans of power metal but also female fronted symphonic power metal. As mentioned before, the entire album is bombastic, powerful, and to say epic, is an understatement. Highly recommended for fans of power metal, Epica, and Nightwish. This is how you execute symphonic power metal!


8 / 10









"Daementia" Track-listing:

1. Daementia
2. Anxiety
3. Euphoria
4. Delusion
5. Denial
6. Wrath
7. Obession
8. Amnesia
9. Insanity
10. Numbness
11. Reverie
12. Awakening 

Eternal Dream Lineup:

Ana Moronta - Vocals
Jose Gil - Guitar
Alejandro Rodríguez - Guitar
Adrián Romero - Keyboards
Antonio Motta - Bass
Isaías Montiel - Drums

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