World Of Chaos

Eternal Breath

ETERNAL BREATH hail from Wielsbeke Belgium, they band was established in 1996, they had 3 […]
By Cullen Baldridge
July 29, 2019
Eternal Breath - World Of Chaos album cover

ETERNAL BREATH hail from Wielsbeke Belgium, they band was established in 1996, they had 3 demo albums but nothing official until "The Joker" in 2016 and now they're bringing you their new album "World Of Chaos" it is an old school Thrash Metal album without a doubt in my opinion, it has that 80s feel to me anyway.

"My Redemption" throws down right from the start, letting you know this album was made to kick your teeth in, with classic vocals, furious guitars and thunderous drums, the bass enhances the flavor of the song. "Never Surrender" tells you as the title suggests, have no fear, do not give up, "Never Surrender" you got whatever comes your way. "Need For Speed" is a fast, in your face, attacking, aggressive ass song and about the need for this exact type of song.

"Fire" is a song about being evil from birth and life making you even more evil, leading you to want to destroy whatever comes before you. "Fight For Metal" is a Metal anthem, the song kind of reminds me of the old school band KAT. "Follow Your Dream" is the slowest song on the album, at least so far, it's as song about following your heart and chasing your dreams, no matter what they may be, you can't catch them if you don't chase them. "Power And Glory" is a song about being a ruler and it being their destiny and it's your job to obey and fight for them. "Hard Life" is about life being hard and you have to be strong to survive it.

"The Greatest Loss" begins with mesmerizing guitars, actually the entire intro sucks you in to the story of depression and suicide and already being dead on the inside. "Revenge" is about being fed up with being treated like shit and pushed to your limits and being ready to fight back. "Y.P.M.O." is about an ex that you want out of your life, telling them to screw, get away from me, "Your Pissing Me Off".

8 / 10









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"World Of Chaos" Track-listing:

1. My Redemption
2. Never Surrender
3. Need For Speed
4. Fire
5.  Fight For Metal
6. Follow Your Dream
7. Power And Glory
8. Hard Life
9. The Greatest Loss
10. Revenge
11. Y.P.M.O.

Eternal Breath Lineup:

Andy Polfliet - Vocals
Marino Decaluwe - Guitars
Robin V - Guitars
Kenney Geerts - Drums
Aaron Soen - Bass

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