The Telluric Ashes of the O Vrth Immemorial Gods


I'll be honest with you. I've never really 'gotten' Black Metal. One of my best […]
By Jack Harding
June 11, 2019
Esoctrilihum - The Telluric Ashes of the O Vrth Immemorial Gods album cover

I'll be honest with you. I've never really 'gotten' Black Metal. One of my best friends is a die hard fan of the genre, but other than EMPEROR, I've just never clicked with any of the bands he has presented me. This isn't for lack of trying either, but unfortunately it just isn't the genre for me. However, presented with an album as wonderfully composed as "The Telluric Ashes Of The O Vrth Immemorial Gods," even I can't help, but be won over. This isn't the album for me, but if this is your scene, you owe it to yourself to pick up this record. The attention to detail on every level just screams passion, and whilst it is first and foremost a Black Metal record, it eschews the stereotypical mold the genre can be criticized for. My reaction to listening to this record was one similar to that of an excitable Labrador; I don't understand what's going on, all I know is that I'm having a good time.

One thing I've always loved about Black Metal are the expansive soundscapes that synonymous with the genre, and this record is no exception. Personal favorite track of mine, "Stone Of Static Void," begins with pounding, almost tribal, orchestral percussion, amidst landscapes of swirling winds and plucks on middle eastern instruments. Slowly the atmosphere builds and, just when you can't take the tension any longer, in come booming riffs and an ungodly mania arrives. However, proving that this atmosphere isn't just random set dressing, as many artists in the genre fall short to, the orchestral percussion is then utilized within the heavy riffing, to marvelous extent. This is a perfect example of creative ideas being fully exploited, which is something this album excels in. Close your eyes whilst listening to this record, and prepare to be whisked away to foreign lands plagued by darkness. This album, more than most I have heard before, feels like it should be the score to a film. Each piece of music builds and relives tension masterfully, just as a master horror director, such as JOHN CARPENTER does. Tracks including "Kahlbas Mha (Ode To The Muhorn Pain)," "Black Hole Entrance," and "Black Hole Exit" also weave their own fantastic narratives, creating a real sense of journey and development throughout this album's run time.

Speaking of the run-time, here we come to my one real problem with the album. It's length. ESOCTRILIHUM is the brainchild of one man and one man alone, ASTHAGHUL. Whilst that is incredibly impressive, as the musicianship across all instrumentation is stellar, it does lead to a common problem with solo artists. This problem is self-indulgence. The problem isn't too drastic, but there are quite a few moments that just linger a moment too long. These are the kind of moments that tend to be eliminated in band situations, as someone will mention it. In solo projects though, it is very easy to overlook small problems. This doesn't ruin the album, but moments like the human screams in "Black Hole Entrance" and stereotypically "creepy" reverse instruments on "Invisible Manifestation Of Delirium God," just stretch on a tad too long. On a 30 minute record this, would possibly be forgivable, but when the album is 75 minutes? It feels like a bit of a joke on the listener. As if ASTHAGHUL said to himself, "They've already sat through 60 minutes of this, so I bet I can get away with 15 more!".

In the sake of mirroring my comment of ESOCTRILIHUM not knowing when to stop, I shall conclude my review here. This album is not for me, but it's impossible for me to not realize the genuine quality that is here. If you like Black Metal, buy this record. Now excuse me whilst I crawl back to my Progressive Metal comfort zone...

8 / 10









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"The Telluric Ashes of the O Vrth Immemorial Gods" Track-listing:

1. Kahlbas Mha (Ode To The Muhorn Pain)
2. Kros O Vrth
3. Invisible Manifestation Of Delirium God
4. Stone Of Static Void
5. Thar-Voknargh
6. Listael V
7. Aborted Sun
8. Black Hole Entrance
9. Black Hole Exit
10. Inexorable Plague Of Time
11. Torment Of Death

Esoctrilihum Lineup:

Asthaghul - Guitars, Bass Guitar, Drums, Synths, Kantele And Larynx

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