Towards A Futile Existence


a very impressive album from a band that shows the sky's the limit with their sound. I will definitely be sticking along for the ride.
January 22, 2024

ESCARION is an Australian extreme metal band that hit the scene in 2017 with their first release, the EP “Pinnacle of Neglect.” Their latest release, “Towards A Futile Existence,” is their second full length album. Apparently this album has a new member, Gaia, who provides clean vocals and keys. Unfortunately, I haven’t had time to check out their previous release but Gaia is impressive as hell. She adds a Gothic feel to the music but also very much a modern approach, without coming off as overly mainstream. Her keys are great and as much of a pleasure and boon to the band as her voice.

Guitarist John Arhondis provides the extreme vocals and he is just as effective and emotive as his counterpart. Together, the two of them create a style that compliments as much as it contrasts each other. Fortunately, the music is just as engaging. Dynamics are the name of the game here, providing a sterling mixture of death, black, melodic death, and even some progressive elements. This band can play anything and play it well. The atmosphere adds yet another layer that impresses me. As mentioned before, it sounds Gothic at times but there are also plenty of dark and melancholic moments as well.

The album begins with the title track. It’s clean instrumentation and beautiful vocals are tragic as they are soft. The riffs kick in about a minute a half into the song and the band is full speed ahead. Death metal with just enough melody takes over, carried by the very robust rhythm section. The later half of the song echoes the album’s lighter beginning and it's a nice recall even while still remaining fresh and a nice respite from the carnage. “Gateways” is a burner, and from the get go is a fury of riffs and tight musicianship. The keys are fantastic, adding in another layer that is just as important as the other instruments. The guitar solo is absolutely blistering—-shred attack! The backing vocals from Gaia are icing on this already delicious cake.

The opening guitar melodies of “Dynasty Of Decadence” are among the best moments of the album, and that is saying something. The song is a ravaging melodic death rampager until it slows down to allow a different perspective with Gaia’s vocals and intricate clean instrumentation and wonderful bass. The final song is the nearly eleven minute “Empire,” which is musical poetry in motion. The band pulls out all the stops. The first half is brutal with melodies weaved in seamlessly. Around the halfway point, a beautiful performance by Gaia and Rhy’s bass become center stage, including the keys. The later half is kicked off by a blazing guitar solos, crazy drumming, chaotic riffs and deep growls. The ending starts with melodic riffs, gives away to a solid bass performance and finally fades with Gaia’s cleans. What an ending to a great album!

ESCARION’s “Towards A Futile Existence,” is a very impressive album from a band that shows the sky's the limit with their sound. I will definitely be sticking along for the ride.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Towards A Futile Existence" Track-listing:
  1. Towards a Futile Existence
  2. May Hell Prevail on Earth
  3. Gateways
  4. Memoirs of Madness
  5. Dynasty of Decadence
  6. Pandemonium
  7. Zeitgeist
  8. Empire
Escarion Lineup:

Rhys McKenzie - Bass
John Arhondis - Guitars, Vocals
Gaia - Vocals, Keys
Louis Parengkuan - Guitars
Tim Bottams - Drums

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