ERIDU, a band born from former Gilgamesh mastermind Enki, takes you on a journey of […]
By James Brizuela
July 2, 2019
Eridu - Lugalbanda album cover

ERIDU, a band born from former Gilgamesh mastermind Enki, takes you on a journey of the ancient civilization, Mesopotamia. Blending together the sounds of death metal and black metal, "Lugalbanda" brings with it the intensity of story driven brutal metal. "Ianna's Favour" starts the album with a bang. Taking a note from death metal giants NILE, ERIDU showcase the same kind of Egyptian styled guitar work that paints the picture of being in ancient lands. With brutal blast beats and deep gutter growls, the track brings the album to a start with full force. I especially like the evil laugh that is thrown in. From start to finish, "Lugalbanda" hits the ground running and does not let up one bit. One thing that really surprised me about the album is how ERIDU also paints imagery in the mind, especially in "The Cavern". With the atmospheric sounds of water dripping, I could picture being cast into a dark cave with stalagmites protruding from the ceiling. The track also presented the grim feeling of being in a darkened cave. With ear piercing high-pitched vocals and intense blast beats, the track slams you in the face. The "icing on the cake" of this track is the narration that goes along with it. I love when brutal metal can also tell a story with its lyrical content.

With the slower tempo of "Herald of Heaven", you are given a chance to hear the black metal style that ERIDU has to offer. The brutality of this track exists in the vocal prowess. What is especially interesting about this track is how the harrowing backing vocals bring a lot of power. Even when the cleaner vocals are being carried, it still brings a lot of force to the track. There is so much atmospheric value in this album. When listening to "The Siege of Arratta" there are sounds of an army crying out. Then you are treated to some beautiful guitar work. Throughout the entire track there is an incredible guitar melody that is played. Again, I love the fact that even though there are brutal vocals being delivered on the track, you can still get just as much intensity when the clean vocals are being carried. The atmospheric sounds of the album are still being carried by the sound of dropping rain at the end of the track.

The same goes with the chanting and drum playing instrumental track, "Hymn for Utu". The brilliance of this album is not only showcasing a brutal undertone but the ability that ERUDI has that casts you right into the feeling of being back in those ancient times. I felt a deep connection with my imagination while listening to this album. Another surprise is the female backing vocals on "The Bewitching of Sumer". A welcome and pleasant surprise as ERIDU shows again that they are trying to transcend just being a one-dimensional death metal band. The deep and ominous narration also adds another deep element to the track. Surprising at every turn, you think you have a band figured out and they hit you with something you weren't expecting. The beautiful female voices heard and drum tempo of the final track, "Lugalbanda", being those surprises. This album is incredibly entertaining and carries the imagination even further with its lyrical content and delivery.
With atmospheric and brutal elements being intertwined, "Lugalbanda", showcases ERIDU's ability to paint a picture while providing some intense metal that delivers heavily. Go check them out.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Lugalbanda" Track-listing:

1. Inanna's Favour
2. Enmerkar
3. Slaves of Eridu
4. The Cavern
5. Herald of Heaven
6. Astral Warfare
7. The Siege of Aratta
8. Hymn for Utu
9. The Bewitching of Sumer
10. Lugalbanda

Eridu Lineup:

Enki - Vocals
Ishkur - Drums
Martu - Bass
Zahak - Guitars
Azag - Guitars

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