It's a known truth that Teutonic Thrash still rules in the Metal world even though […]
By V. Srikar
February 15, 2015
Eradicator - Slavery album cover

It's a known truth that Teutonic Thrash still rules in the Metal world even though Thrash has spread to unheard territories in the last decade. But the new breed of Teutonic Thrash bands have tried to bring out different types of Thrash than what it became known for originally. ERADICATOR from Germany released their 3rd full length on January 31st and has since made people worldwide stand up and take notice.

With an album name as "Slavery" I wasn't too enthusiastic with the album before I listened, but frankly the band name is what pushed me to check this one out, and boy I was treated to some unique Teutonic Thrash. With mid tempo screaming Power Metal vocals of Sebastian Stobar, the guitar work by both Stober and Robert Wied are fast paced and complex in riffage. The songwriting is of the highest standard, as the songs go to and forth between sections of mid tempo hair raising thick riffs and fast sharp tones created by the Pitch Harmonics technique. This really creates a unique sound of ERADICATOR, which will drive any listener to air-guitar all throughout the album. The influence of Bay Area Thrash is also felt in the album like in "Scars", though it is over shadowed by the sharp riffs thrown in phases.  It's worth mentioning that the drum beats by Jan-Peter Stober is one of the better drum work that I have come across in a recent album. It's rhythmic, fast paced, and the production too does justice to the talent of Jan-Peter.

The diversity of the music is clearly felt in "Two Thousand Thirteen" when half the song is fast pace, and the band introduces a slow low tempo guitar work for nearly 30 seconds before again going back to the fast guitar work.  "Bloodbath" is another great song with possibly the best backing vocals of the album. What makes these Thrashers stand out among the crowd is that they never get lost in pure brutality, as the fast paced solos and sharp tones are used judiciously. With an intense and intriguing intro "Manipulate" can easily become the sound track for a Battle themed movie. The fact that the album kept me guessing with each riff and each section all throughout is something I am really impressed here. The album ends with the title track "Slavery", again filled with exquisite solos and hair lifting riffs, although a mediocre song compared to what has been on offer so far.

I know what you're thinking: I have been praising way too much, but give me a second - as a Thrash connoisseur I am proud of what I have heard here. This isn't the ideal style of Thrash for me, but then again, that's what new bands bring to the table (at least new for my ears). ERADICATOR has shown the growth in their song writing in their decade of existence, and I just hope they continue to up the standards, and you Thrash maniacs need to stop and take notice.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"Slavery" Track-listing:

01. Intro
02. Of Ashes And Sand
03. Evil Command
04. Two Thousand Thirteen
05. Scars
06. Bloodbath
07. One Man Jury
08. Manipulate
09. The States Of Atrocity
10. Smash The Masquerade
11. Slavery

Eradicator Lineup:

Sebastian Stöber - Guitar/Vocals
Sebastian Zoppe - Bass
Jan-Peter Stöber - Drums
Robert Wied - Guitar

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