The Metal Gods answered my prayers when I received this album to review. EQUIPOISE has […]
By Brian "Metal" Morton
March 31, 2019
Equipoise - Demiurgus album cover

The Metal Gods answered my prayers when I received this album to review. EQUIPOISE has released their first full length album entitled "Demiurgus". The Progressive Technical Death Metal band will have you on the edge of your seat for the entirety of this album. With former and current members of BEYOND CREATION, VALE OF PNATH to HATE ETERNAL and INFERI, how can this go wrong? The answer is, it can't at all. There were plenty of other bands to name, but there are too many to list. For this review I am going to talk about my favorite songs on the album.

Throughout this magnum opus you will hear some of the most amazing guitar playing you have heard in a while. The three guitarists Phil Tougas, Nick Padovani and Sanjay Kumar are masters of their craft and will grace your ears with their strings! The drumming provided by Chason Westmoreland is unparalleled and the same can be said for the bassist Hugo Doyon-Karout. Jimmy Pitts piano playing is absolutely kick ass and I find him a very essential part of the band! As for the vocals performed by Stevie Boiser, I personally think that he is the only vocalist who would fit with this group of metal kings!

The first song I want to talk about is the opening song "Illborn Augury". It completely lays out the foundation and sets up the rest of the album. While it is an instrumental, I think it was very important to show off the musicianship in the beginning as to drag you in. "Alchemic Web of Deceit" is out of this world and will make you feel an insane need to just get up and move. Brilliance in chaos is the best way to describe this one, especially when it goes from heavy to the melodic parts. I fucking loved this track and will be listening to it for a while to come.

"Sigil Insidious" is one of the most intense songs on the album and the construction of this one is perfect. The blending of all the different time signatures is absolutely fantastic and is definitely a workout for your ears and brain. I loved the instrumental "Reincarnated" because it was a nice break from the intensity of everything. The song itself is beyond beautiful and it has a great sense of grace to it. These guys know exactly what to play and when to play it.

"Dualis Flamel" is the longest song on the album and will leave you feeling a little bi polar with a hint of ADHD. I cannot even put into words how amazing this song is. Every single instrument stood out on this song as well as the vocals. This is one of the most amazing songs I have heard in recent memory. When "Waking Divinity" came on my jaw hit the floor. This song is as intense as they come with a nice small break from the insanity placed in there. The only thing this song is missing is a saxophone breakdown... Just being a little facetious there, or am I?

The song "Squall of Souls" had a certain sound to it that is hard for me to explain. It made me feel like I was in the mood to jump in a pit, but at the same time during the melodic parts, it gave me a sense of gloom. That is why I really loved this song. All of the songs on this album are all of the same caliber. This is one of the top three best albums I have heard in quite some time and I highly recommend going out and buying it as soon as you can. Great work guys and keep up the great work!

10 / 10









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"Demiurgus" Track-listing:

1. Illborn Augury
2. Sovereign Sacrifices
3. Alchemic Web of Deceit
4. A Suit of My Flesh
5. Shrouded
6. Sigil Insidious
7. Reincarnated
8. Dualis Flamel
9. Eve of the Promised Day
10. Waking Divinity
11. Ecliptic
12. Squall of Souls
13. Cast Into Exile
14. Ouroboric

Equipoise Lineup:

Stevie Boiser - Vocals
Phil Tougas - Guitar
Nick Padovani - Guitar
Sanjay Kumar - Guitar
Hugo Doyon-Karout - Bass
Jimmy Pitts - Piano
Chason Westmoreland - Drums

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