All Hail Corrosion


It's that time again, that's right, confession time, what's it about now? Well, this time […]
By Lex Mishukhin
August 29, 2013
Ephemeros - All Hail Corrosion album cover

It's that time again, that's right, confession time, what's it about now? Well, this time I confess that whenever I see a full length album with only 3 songs, I tend to write it off as progressive musical masturbation and move on, but if writing for Metal Temple has taught me anything, it's that I should expect the unexpected and keep my mind open. And this was the case for EPHEMEROS' "All Hail Corrosion", this is undoubtedly the slowest, heaviest and darkest album I've heard in years, as a matter of fact I find myself at a loss when trying to compare the album to any other I've heard in the past decade.

I'm not going to mention specific tracks since there are only three and they are pretty continuous solidifying the album as almost a single song affair. The band create a very unique sound, there's no doubt about it, full of misery, pain, anger, and all those things that make Doom Metal fans feel warm and fuzzy inside. There's certainly no pace changes on the record, it's all slow gloom and doom. If I were to compare it to anything at all I would probably say that musically it sounds like a continuous opening riff to BLACK SABBATH.

But there lies the problem I have with the album, it's very monotonous for even the most seasoned Doom Metal fans, it seems to continuously build up to nothing, I'm not saying it's necessarily a bad thing, I'm just saying that it takes a certain mood to truly enjoy this work.

As I said, this album is very unusual, and not every ear would be able to handle it, I enjoyed it, but "All Hail Corrosion" is definitely not for everyone, as I mentioned, it's a very continuous and monotonous work, very dark, very intriguing, but takes some getting used to, and a very certain ear to listen to it.

7 / 10


"All Hail Corrosion" Track-listing:

1. All Hail Corrosion
2. Stillborn Workhorse
3. Soilbringer

Ephemeros Lineup:

Garret Bagniefski - Bass
Chris Trumpower - Guitars
Jesse Aspe - Guitars
Chuck Watkins - Drums
Joshua Green - Vocals

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