Finland's quite known for its melancholic type of Metal bands. I sometimes wonder why but […]
By Orpheus Spiliotopoulos
June 15, 2004
Entwine - Dieversity album cover

Finland's quite known for its melancholic type of Metal bands. I sometimes wonder why but I guess it has to do with the climate up there (and having more darkness than daylight I suppose).
Entwine have been around since 1999 (when they released their debut album, "The Treasures Within Hearts) and "Dieversity is their fourth full length album. ("Gone and "Time Of Despair were released in the meantime).
The band's style is something of a crossover of Sentenced, HIM and Anathema with a slight touch of their own, not capable though of making them sound as something unique. "Dieversity compared to their three previous albums is slightly enhanced on the keyboards but after listening to "Gone (2001) and "Time Of Despair (2002) it seems to me that they're totally full of the same thing being repeated over and over again...
Mika Tauriainen's vocals remind me so much those of HIM's singer, Vile Valo, which is certainly not a good sign cause it seems that this similarity has been increasing as the years pass by and more Entwine albums come out.
Concluding, this album would probably be bought by a lot of HIM fans but no one else would bother listening to more "Love/Melancholic Metal (with a few exceptions).
If you ask me, the highlights of this album probably are "Bitter Sweet and "Someone To Blame...nothing that'll make me burst into tears though (just kiddin').

4 / 10

Nothing special

"Dieversity" Track-listing:

Bitter Sweet
Someone To Blame
Bleeding For The Cure
Still Remains
Frozen By The Sun
Six Feet Down Below
Refill My Soul
Everything For You
Nothing's Forever
Lost Within

Entwine Lineup:

Jaani - Guitar
Riitta Heikkonen - Keyboards
Tom Mikkola - Guitar
Mika Tauriainen - Vocals
Aksu Hanttu - Drums
Joni Miettinen - Bass

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