When all is lost, as everything and everyone are about to be destroyed, the reek […]
May 9, 2015
Entrails - Obliteration album cover

When all is lost, as everything and everyone are about to be destroyed, the reek of apocalypse, there will be no future. Inner beliefs might turn vulgar, endless bloodshed, the collapse of everything that one holds dear, the true meaning of senseless obliteration. The fumes of uncontainable conflict spat out of the new album of the recently resurrected Swedish Death Metal band ENTRAILS. As if the early 90's never truly faded away, their musical infestation remained true to the days of the great awakening of the genre. Fictional as it may be, "Obliteration", via Metal Blade Records, is one of the many albums that hold the deepest darkest fears. With its straightforward brutal assimilation, it marks that there is a cause for alarm but also for the sense of nostalgia of a Death Metal scene trying to keep it together.

As veteran the band the veteran the music. In a matter of speaking, ENTRAILS have nothing to bring to the table, but truth be told, listening to their previous albums, including "Obliteration", I guess that no one would expect them to do so. Reliving the past doesn't mean condemning the future or present; there are always advantages in a worldwide scene trying to find the next catch phrase or trend to raise sales. The band has the right Scandi sound that revamps that old days, along with various elements that can resurface a selection of old stardoms such as ASPHYX, HAIL OF BULLETS, CANCER, early DEATH, early PARADISE LOST and I would even add the Brazilian SEPULTURA of the late 80's. I expected more gratifying melodies, though I was quite taken by the evoked pain kind of Mackintosh melodies that emerged from time to time. The guitar riffs were pretty much expected, tainted with bits and pieces of Thrash along with consuming extreme Doom, though those took their toll rather for the better. The vocals were the perfect fit, an angered storytelling monster, which I could actually feel the heart and enjoyment within every spewed sentence.

"Obliteration" is one of those simple albums that doesn't attempt to stray from the path, as albums of old portrayed back in the day. It is possible that one of its downfalls is the fact that it tends to repeat itself, not only because of the song arrangements there appeared to be identical, yet also since it felt a bit numb here and there. On the other hand, thanks to the addition of those melodic flavors I mentioned earlier, along with a few rhythm changes and a fine frontman, ENTRAILS were able to overcome it. The band's straightforwardness traced back to the old classics Death Metal songs that held nothing more than pure uncontrollable assault. "Midnight Coffin", "Bonestorm", "Skulls" and the blasphemous enchanter "No Cross Left Unturned" delivered the simplistic mannerism of the early 90's with finesse while "Re-Animation of the Dead" heaved the feeling of a slight gaze into later hunger days.

Old school Metal festers will indulge on this release for sure, though it is recommended for every person worldwide referring to himself / herself as Metalheads. ENTRAILS are one of those bands that stick to their own path no matter what the cost. "Obliteration" turned out quite good and it is possible that their greatest is yet to come.

7 / 10


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"Obliteration" Track-listing:

1. No Cross Left Unturned
2. Epitome of Death
3. Beyond the Flesh
4. The Grotesque
5. Obliterate
6. Skulls
7. Midnight Coffin
8. Bonestorm
9. Abyss of Corpses
10. Re-Animation of the Dead

Entrails Lineup:

Jimmy Lundqvist - Guitars
Jocke Svensson - Bass / Vocals
Adde Mitroulis - Drums
Penki - Guitars

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