Broken Ways


There is a sense of pain that I feel when I look at the album […]
By V. Srikar
April 26, 2014
Entorx - Broken Ways album cover

There is a sense of pain that I feel when I look at the album cover art of "Broken Ways". It gives me a feeling that everything about this album is raw and free flowing, but while I explore the album I find that it's much more than that. ENTORX has a very interesting Death / Thrash music with a touch of clean and Black Metal vocals topped with occasional low tempo phases.

While "Relent To Despair" is just a slow instrumental giving a feeling that the music is trying to create the platform to the heavy parts in store for the rest of the album, "Last Thought" goes all cylinders firing and gives the first taste of real ENTORX music. While the music is free flowing, it's mainly drum beats driven and has really great guitar solos all over the song. The bass does pop out every now and then and works just fine for the album. The music really impressed me on multiple listens as not many Death Thrash bands bring in 3 different types of vocals in the same song - Black Metal style, growling Death Metal style and clean vocals ,and I wonder if all the parts are done by the same vocalist Rane Baron. Surprisingly the title track "Broken Ways" is a disappointment as the band tries to do too many things in the 4:20 min. "Human Soil" is commendable song as it starts with a very long Bass Guitar solo intro, before the song goes full throttle as both growling and Black Metal-ish vocals interchange in phases beautifully. "R.S." is an excellent song as it starts off with a sound of a man unzipping his bag and loading his rifle and then the song goes into its heavy mode with few variations here and there, especially with the vocals. While I dig the internet for more info on the album, I find that, interestingly "R.S." is about Robert Steinhäuser who was running amok in a school in the German town of Erfurt on the 26th of April 2002. It's notable that no other song has clean vocals here except "Last Thought" and "Shelter", which doesn't really convince me at all. With "Blood Vengeance", the band brings in few groovy elements with the riffs and by now I'm convinced that the vocals in the album are getting better with each song. On multiple listens I realise that it's more on the style of Brutal Death Metal vocals with regular intrusion of nasty Black Metal vocals. The guitar work of Bogdan Brygadin in the whole album is really praise worthy as it's full of mid tempo juicy headbang-able riffs without being monotonous. The next 2 songs offer nothing new and sound very similar to the previous song, but with "Shelter", ENTORX again brings in the clean vocals keeping the listener interested. While "Sould Disease" doesn't excite me much, it's the last shot of the album "Emptiness", a 9:42 min song, where the band really brings out its best, with hard hitting heavy and slow blast beats along, with some apocalyptic speeches in middle and impressive low tempo phases. The song underlines why Simon Hauck, the genius behind the drum kit is so vital and is almost the central figure of this album, churning out amazing blast beats.

While the production is just on par, the lyrics here speak of self and emotional struggles and one can even relate to them occasionally. While the 52:51 min album does really impress me in phases, but few songs in the middle really test the patience of the listener as they offer nothing new and also the band still seems to struggle to find the right combination with regards to its vocals as they seem to be confused when to bring in the clean vocals. While this interesting Death / Thrash album, it doesn't have enough teeth to stand out in the crowd.

7 / 10


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"Broken Ways" Track-listing:

1. Relent to despair
2. Last Thought
3. Broken Ways
4. Human Soil
5. R.S.
6. Blood Vengeance
7. Kill My Brain
8. Inaction
9. Shelter
10. Sould Disease
11. Emptiness

Entorx Lineup:

Taras Brygadin - Bass
Bogdan Brygadin - Guitars
Simon Hauck - Drums
Rene Baron - Vocals

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