Clandestine Live


ENTOMBED originally started in Stockholm, Sweden during the year 1989. During the course of its […]
By Louise Brown
May 6, 2019
Entombed - Clandestine Live album cover

ENTOMBED originally started in Stockholm, Sweden during the year 1989. During the course of its long career the legendary Death Metal band has released several albums. The one I'm reviewing today was originally released in 1991 as a studio album. This newer live version of it came out in 2017.

I don't care for live albums. Unfortunately, many bands have a hard time keeping the quality of their music to a higher standard when they play a live show. It's not always the band's fault; sometimes the road crew manages  to mess things up, or the venue simply doesn't live up to the promoter's promise, end result being an audience which is either inattentive or mostly non-existent. But a lot of the time it is the band's fault for not paying attention to details along with possibly having a healthy case of indifference, 'We're playing another city tomorrow night, who cares? Let's just get this damned show over with already.'

I didn't notice any attitude like that on "Clandestine".  The second track, "Living Dead," is Death Metal at its best. The vocals are excellent, the guitars are brutal, the bass is relentless and the percussion feels like it could break your eardrums at higher volumes. "Sinners Bleed" sounds pretty close the original studio track with its heavy and methodical tone. Be sure to listen to the short yet great guitar solo that takes place right before a drum solo takes over. "Evilyn" reminds me a little of songs by the older version of SEPULTURA with regard to how the vocals and guitars sound on it. This is a great rendition of the song which I'm sure ENTOMBED'S fans will appreciate. "Blessed Be" starts out excellent and remains that way. I actually like the live version better than the studio one. The best part of the song is the dueling guitar solos which are fast and very heavy. I also like "Chaos Breed" with its hypersonic guitar riffs along with rapid-fire percussion which draws you in while the excellent bass-line and the ultra hostile vocals keep you interested. It's definitely one of the best songs on the entire album.

The only song I didn't care for is "Strange Aeons".  It starts out strong with with a bass-driven intro, then fades as it becomes apparent that the energy level is low compared to the other tracks. I tried to embrace it, but in the end I grew bored with it. Fortunately, the rest of the album more than makes up for it. "Crawl," in particular, has an excellent sound that made me listen to it more than once. Everything about the song is nearly perfect which is pretty rare in live performances. I think anyone who is into old school Death Metal would be happy to get their hands on the live version of "Clandestine".

8 / 10









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"Clandestine Live" Track-listing:
  1. Intro
  2. Living Dead
  3. Sinners Bleed
  4. Evilyn
  5. Blessed Be
  6. Stranger Eons
  7. Chaos Breed
  8. Crawl
  9. Severe Burns
  10. Through The Collonades
  11. Left Hand Path

Entombed Lineup:

Nicke Andersson-  Vocals, drums
Ulf "Uffe" Cederlund- Guitar
Alex Hellid-  Guitar

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