The Gates of Hell


Metal hermanos from Connecticut release their third album independently.
December 1, 2023

Despite ENTIERRO (burial) being a spanish word, this band is from Connecticut, USA and they are releasing their third work The Gates Of Hell independently as a good hard working band should. The band has 4 members but they also have 2 extra singers credited on this work. I expect a lot of different vocal flavors. The release has 6 songs only, so I am not going to call it an album. The album (shit…) opens with high energy and crunchy guitar deliciousness on the song that names the album “The Gates Of Hell”. This is a traditional heavy metal band and you can feel this on the riffs and the delivery. Good melody and a nice tempo change for the guitar solo. Good impression so far. “Walk Away” is next and is another good tune. An even more traditional heavy metal with little sprinkles from the eighties hard rock bands. The singer and bass player Christopher Taylor Beaudette has an unique singing style that I was not able to find a singer with a similar delivery to compare. His voice range is good and he does not compromise. 

High energy and riffs galore from competent guitar players Victor Arduini and Christopher Begnal on “Vencerán” ( to defeat). This song has not only great guitar work but a different tempo that gives another dynamic and takes you to another place. It reminds me of latin rhythms and that make sense with the band's latin origins. However, the cherry on the top is that the song is in Spanish and for me the best of the album (shit!) so far. “The Lords Of Rock And Roll” is the tune that gives more eighties vibes than any other so far. Despite not having the credits per each song, I suspect that this may be one of the different singers performing. Good basic tune with good chorus and not much more than this. You can feel JUDAS PRIEST vibes on track “Under The Eye” less Rob Halford’s voice. Solid riffage and melody changes. The band has competent musicians all around including Dave Parmelee with solid drumming in all tracks. Once again a great tempo change for some epic guitar solos from both guitar players I suspect.

The album (I give up) ends with “Umibozu” which, as per my research, means sea priest and is a sea monster from Japanese culture. Another very traditional heavy rock with great guitar work and musicianship overall. I have not felt in the album the presence of the other 2 singers as I was expecting. Were they used just for sporadic backing vocal duties? I may have felt a different voice in one of the tracks. Solid third work but I believe we could have more tracks with more things explored musically. I believe that every band that attaches themselves to a style, they should still have plenty to explore within the style of music they have chosen to avoid all tracks sounding the same. Since this is a 6 track release, this is not felt on this album (f**k!), but I believe if it was a longer album, it may have become too much of the same in the end if nothing else was explored.

6 / 10

Had Potential








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"The Gates of Hell" Track-listing:

1.The Gates Of Hell 

2.Walk Away 


4.The Lords Of Rock And Roll 

5.Under The Eye 



Entierro Lineup:

Christopher Taylor Beaudette - Lead vocals and bass

Victor Arduini - Guitar and backing vocals

Christopher Begnal - Guitar and backing vocals

Dave Parmelee - Drums

Timothy Smith - Additional vocals

Alejandro Chavez - Additional vocals


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