Forgotten Mountains


From their EPK, "Forgotten Mountains" is a journey through mountains and life, a path that […]
February 15, 2023
Ensium - Forgotten Mountains album cover

From their EPK, "Forgotten Mountains" is a journey through mountains and life, a path that leads Man to the highest peak, to face his own existence and its meaning. This new album consists of eight atmospheric gems of the most intimate and naturalistic side of Black Metal." The album has eight songs, and "Where You Live Again" is the first. Clean, solemn acoustical guitars open the song, along with some thumping bass guitar. In comes the vocal screams, but the melody stays intact. It alternates between light, airy passages, and heavy ones from there. The title track has a very similar might as well be the same track. The same exact melody line is carried over again.

"Night Forest" begins with clean tones in the guitars and vocals, but soon segues into a heavier sound, very similar in scope to the first two songs. "Woods of Sorrow" begins with distorted guitars and a bit more haste. However, at this point in the album, there should be more distinction between the songs. The same pacing and melodies are used once more. This can really drag an album down. "Nothing" has a similar sound again. Although the band uses two vocal styles effectively, the really need to diversify their sound, because any one of these first five songs could be interchangeable.

"Galaverna" is, again, a similar sounding song. At this point in the album, this is what you can expect. Some gutturals are ushered into the vocal mix, but the music remains the same. "Pure Sadness" is the shortest on the album, but again, with nearly the same sound. "The Winds Smell of You" closes the album. Finally, a slightly different sound, that is, until the distorted riff arrives. Then, it's back to the same old same old once more. What started off as a promising sound ended rather rapidly, as the band used the same sound in song after song. Because of this, I can't give the album a rating above five. Even a little variation would have gone a long way.

4 / 10

Nothing special








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"Forgotten Mountains" Track-listing:

1. Where You Live Again
2. Forgotten Mountains
3. Night Forest
4. Woods of Sorrow
5. Nothing
6. Galaverna
7. Pure Sadness
8. The Wind Smells of You

Ensium Lineup:

Lys - Vocals, Guitars
Leynir - Bass
Dead Soul - Drums
Epheliin - Vocals

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