At last the glorious second album of the Finnish Epic/Black Metal band is finally here. […]
By Alex Farmakis
June 2, 2004
Ensiferum - Iron album cover

At last the glorious second album of the Finnish Epic/Black Metal band is finally here. I don't know what to say for a band like Ensiferum. I can only thank God (or the Gods) for the inspiration he gave these guys to write this kind of music, as well as on their first album. Yes my friends, only the Gods could give them such an inspiration to write these songs.
Ensiferum are playing glorious, majestic, epic black metal. In my opinion their basic influences are Thyrfing, Bal Sagoth, Finntroll and they also have some influences from Ancient Rites (their last two albums) and Children Of Bodom. "Iron is equal to their first album, "Ensiferum and even better. It's a bit more melodic than "Ensiferum and one song, "Tears, has female vocals.
Also the distorted vocals are a little less and the clear vocals are a little more than their first album. As I said before all the songs have an epic and glorious atmosphere, they make me feel like I am in the middle of a battlefield playing music for the great warriors that have been slaughtered in battle and thus making them welcome to the halls of Valhalla.
"Iron will be released outside of Finland no later than this July. There is also a cover version of "Battery(Metallica), on the digi-pack version which is very good. In my opinion everyone who considers himself to be listening to Heavy Metal in all its forms should listen to "Iron and also to the "Esiferum album. If you don't, you'll lose.
This is one of the few, new bands that could impress me from its very first album (there are only two more). I hope sometime I'll see these guys play live.
In conclusion I have to say that the only time I'll give 10 as a grade will be for the album that I will be wanting to listen to before I die. That album does not exist yet and I do not think that it will be easy for any band to create an album like that.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

"Iron" Track-listing:

Ferrum Aeternum
Sword Chant
Mourning Heart - Interlude
Tale Of Revenge
Lost In Despair
Slayer Of Light      
Into Battle

Ensiferum Lineup:

Jari Maenpaa - Vocals, Heavy Guitars & Solos, Acoustics & Additional Synth Programming
Markus Toivonen - Heavy & Melodic Guitars (solo on Into Battle), Acoustics & Shaman Drum
Oliver Fokin - Drums, Bombo, Tinja & Tambourine
Jukka-Pekka Miettinen - Bass
Meiju Enho - Keyboards

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