ENSHINE is an Ambient Atmospheric Doom/Death Metal band based out of Sweden and France. Originally […]
December 22, 2015
Enshine - Singularity album cover

ENSHINE is an Ambient Atmospheric Doom/Death Metal band based out of Sweden and France. Originally started as a side project by Jari, this is now the band's second full length release. The opening of "Dual Existence" is quite alluring and graceful. When the vocals and instrumentation join the fold, I feel surrounded by both sorrow and hope. Reminiscent of the mighty INSOMNIUM, the intricate melodies swirl together with the barbarous nature of the Death Metal in perfect union. The ambient measures really take the reverence over the top.

Though "Adrift" is a bit shorter in length, there is nothing lost. Melding into a starlight sky, your sense of perception becomes one with the universe. The clean vocals are absolutely brilliant in their placement and the guitar notes promenade with them like any two seasoned dance partners. The bridge leading into the guitar solo is simply one of the most sublime things that I have heard this year. "Resurgence" attacks you a little more outspoken. If that main riff doesn't have your body moving you might want to check and see if you have crossed over into the world of the dead. This track is absolutely commanding.

"In Our Mind" has a subdued, ethereal opening that is as light as a cloud, leading into a slow, doomy riff with clean vocals that surround you like a warm breeze. There is so much emotion present here that it is almost overwhelming at times. "Astrarium Pt. II" is a short instrumental piece that highlights the more atmospheric part of the band and album, breathing in and out slow and establishing a moment of pureness. The piano parts are just gorgeous. "Echoes" circles back around with a lustful riff and an opening howl that would send ravenous wolves back into the darkness. There is a veritable wall of extraordinary sound that you couldn't turn off if you wanted to. The interlude passage with clean vocals is again spot on. "Dreamtide" is a little more in the realm of traditional Doom that has a lot of minor notes, which register on the darker side of the album for me. Still a stunner in its delivery, the fleeting moment of brightness provide that perfect contrast.

"The Final Trance" goes deep into the dreamy underground with a heavy, lethargic riff that really accent a sense of anguish and misery. There is a culminating sense of the end as the track heads to completion. Closing this album is the instrumental "Apex." The clean guitar notes that provide the entrance sound like chimes in a gentle wind. They are soon joined by distorted guitar and an immanent feeling that this might be your last go around before you meet the boatman on the river Styx. These compositions are nothing short of breathtaking. Meticulously crafted, each segment that the band presents here just marry together in a kind of synergy that does not come around often. Regardless of the sub-genre, this is truly a masterpiece of an album.

10 / 10


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"Singularity" Track-listing:

1. Dual Existence
2. Adrift
3. Resurgence
4. In Our Mind
5. Astrarium Pt. II
6. Echoes
7. Dreamtide
8. The Final Trance
9. Apex

Enshine Lineup:

Jari Lindholm - Guitar, Synth, Additional Vocals
Sebastien Pierre - Lead Vocals, Additional Keys
Oscar Borgenstam - Drums
Slavosh Bigonah - Bass
Sandy Mahrer - Choir Vocals

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