Transmission III


On October 20th 2020, Stockholm Sweden's ENIGMATICAL released an E.P. entitled  "Transmission III" - the […]
By Barbra Rose
January 4, 2021
Enigmatical - Transmission III album cover

On October 20th 2020, Stockholm Sweden's ENIGMATICAL released an E.P. entitled  "Transmission III" - the final release from a trilogy. ENIGMATICAL released an E.P. entitled  "Transylvanian Hunger" on March 26, 2020 - preceded by Transmission II, released on August 16 2019;  preceded by "Transmission I," released on August 9, 2019 - and on this date, ENIGMATICAL also released the single entitled "Dark Energy Entities."  ENIGMATICAL formed during year two-thousand eighteen & continues to rapidly release shorter productions. ENIGMATICAL self classifies as an unsigned band that combines Industrial Metal with Electronic Black Metal.

"Cosmic Domination" opens the E.P. with electronic sounds resembling sonorities of "extra terrestrial" communication transmissions - such as might be heard with a science fiction film. Vocals from The Voice begin about twenty eight seconds with ferocious growl (one envisions a beast from down beneath energizing himself for "Cosmic Domination"; as the heavily distorted  guitar riff opens the recording in a key of B natural minor;  at about one minute-forty five seconds into the track–the verses begin. The chord structure utilizes B as the high-note of the octave as the tonic - descending the interval of one fourth to the F# (dominant). The Voice uses different vocal styles of either open throat groaning–like a beast from below; or those of an extra-terrestrial–infused with electronic tweaks of timbre - often with one vocal sonority dubbed above the other;  synthesizers add the connotation of space travel and an alien of either extra-terrestrial or a subterranean birth.

"Wormhole" - the second track – even this name bears a similar duality of connotation between extra-terrestrial & subterranean–if not both. The duality of dubbed vocal styles over the rhythm guitars help fuse the extra-terrestrial & subterranean duality into a single theme. The track ends with a single pitch–nearly reminiscent of synthetic, synthesized, aural recreation of musical static- amidst an electronic communication transmission.

"Call From The Void" - the final track begins with faster synthesizer notes moving around the B dominant  before reaching the tonic key of E. Vocals begin at about twenty-five seconds into the song - but sound as though alien–if such there were. At about fifty seconds into the track, another vocal style track enters–this more the subterranean growl–seeming almost to converse through an antecedent / consequent phrase structure;  the subterranean voice states a phrase for the extra-terrestrial voice to respond.   At approximately one minute forty seconds, the non-vocal instrumentation pauses, with a subtle track of guitars heard quietly in the background–for the drums to further accentuate this antecedent / consequent style of conversational phrase construction between the subterranean voice (antecedent voice) and that of the consequent (the vocal style of the extra terrestrial).   At about two minutes forty five seconds - the instrumentation stops again to resemble computers (making processing sounds of transmission–or–sounds that communication transmission).   During "Call From The Void" overdubbing of the two alternate vocal styles is both less frequent & more subtle.  The song fades with sounds of computers as though processing data.

6 / 10

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"Transmission III" Track-listing:

1. Cosmic Domination
2. Wormhole
3. Call From The Void

Enigmatical Lineup:

The Entity - Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Samples and Programming
The Voice - Vocals

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