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Enigma Experience

Here we are checking out a new band from Stockholm named "Enigma Experience". They formed […]
By Barry Valentine
October 20, 2020
Enigma Experience - Question Mark album cover

Here we are checking out a new band from Stockholm named "Enigma Experience". They formed in 2019 when Niklas from "Truckfighters" joined with former drummer Oskar, and Maurice from "Breed/ Motorfinger". "This is rock music, sometimes heavy sometimes not. The feeling is what we're after, everyone is looking for their own answers." The new album "Question Mark" will be released 11/13/2020, so lets get into it.

The first track is titled "Realityline", and it starts us off with a soft melodic intro for several bars before being joined with the drums. The vocals are soft, and sort of mysterious. The longest song on the album, but the change ups, chorus, breakdowns, and the fuzz distortion make it a really cool song. I really enjoyed the instrumental part about half way through, and thought it is a well composed song. The second track "Lonewolf" which is also their first single released has the thick fuzz during the vocals, and chorus. I really like the feel of the song, it's not heavy but with that fuzz matched with the vocals, it works very well. It has this old school SOUNDGARDEN sound, especially with the vocals.

The next track titled "Mighty Mind" has a starts off with an acoustic layered with a flowing lead part. A smooth flowing song going into the first verse, and the vocals are perfect with the song. I feel a lot of emotion behind the song, and lyrics, and the intensity of the vocals towards the end. Good Song. The fourth track titled "Corruption" starts off with a real heavy fuzz guitar, and bass part before the first verse. The hardest track I've heard to this point, but I like how the music changes during the first, and second verse. I think the long instrumental break in the middle really make this song easy to get lost in the track, and just enjoy the music. Its almost half the song of just this cool rhythm, good stuff.

I'm going to jump ahead to the sixth track "In My Mind My Secret Place". Another acoustic song, but I really like chords, and tempo. The lyrics really flow well with the song, and an acoustic solo brings us into the heavy progression of fuzz, and pounding percussion. A fast heavier solo towards the end, and a strong finish. I have liked this track the most.

Overall I actually enjoyed the album. The songs were performed very well, the production was pretty good, and the singer is really good. He sounds very similar to the late great Chris Cornell, and I think his tone, and range was spot on in the songs.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Question Mark" Track-listing:

1. Realityline
2. Lonewolf
3. Mighty Mind
4. Corruption
5. Equilibrium
6. In My Mind My Secret Place
7. The Z
8. The Zone

Enigma Experience Lineup:

Niklas 'Mr.Dango' Källgren - Guitar
Oskar 'Pezo' Johansson - Drums
Maurice Adams - Vocals

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