Into The Night


The mighty force of old-school Metal strikes again in the pounding oblivion of ENFORCER. With […]
By Grigoris Chronis
December 10, 2008
Enforcer - Into The Night album cover

The mighty force of old-school Metal strikes again in the pounding oblivion of ENFORCER. With a name (and label) like these, band photos featuring SORTILEGE, VENOM and IRON MAIDEN T-shirts plus said influences from the likes of the NWOBHM typhoon, EXCITER, SAVAGE GRACE(!) and GOTHAM CITY(!!!), you'd probably not expect something, right? All these, bearing in mind Into The Night is not just another 'paying tribute' album only (the 'vintage' Metal fan would feel OK even with this fact) but can/will probably act as a thunderous guide to all things 'classic' Metal for this year's releases.
A demo and a 7 single release resulted in Into The Night to serve as the Swedish quintet's debut album. ENFORCER had participated in the Speed Kills...Again legendary compilation's 'comeback' remake with the tracks Mistress From Hell and Evil Attacker while their ballbreaking Metal would not leave a notorious label like Heavy Artillery (USA) out of interest. Thus, Into The Night is released on CD and LP (of course!) and we just have to sit back and enjoy...
...38 minutes of speedy Heavy Metal the most vicious way. English ground donates IRON MAIDEN, JAGUAR, TOKYO BLADE and everything 'NWOBHM speed' related, American shores bring on  METALLICA circa '83 (meaning NWOBHM on speed...), EXCITER and AGENT STEEL while Scandinavia/Germany gives rise to MERCYFUL FATE and early HELLOWEEN/RUNNING WILD. There's speed, more speed and even more speed in this album (more than 70%). In a crystal clear production (do not imagine anything in the VENOM sound; their sway is generally floating) and some thrilling guitar riffs/leads by the Zaars/Tholl duo, the vocals of Wikstrand spit mid-to-high-pitch fire and shall no-questions-asked travel you to the first half of the 80s. Listening to the album you'll possibly give it another spin, since you kinda recalled good memories. Then, good chance is you'll listen to it for another couple of times since you've briefly forgotten how good Metal music sounds. Naturally, you'll spend some days non-stop listening to...
...Evil Attacker, Black Angel, Scream Of The Savage, Mistress From Hell, Speed Queen and City Lights (a wonderful instrumental album intermezzo); approximately - meaning - the whole album. Really, what's the secret ingredient lurking in Into The Night's grooves (vinyl wise)? Would write down no less than 666 reasons but - on top - let's just say that this band and this album offer you an in-your-face apocalypse of the supremacy of neat Heavy Metal music the way it was brought up in Metal's teenage period (early-to-mid 80s); the most pure and uncompromised phase, in other words. Fast tempos, sharp riffs, leather, spikes, long hair, prowlin' lyrics...
Really, a timeless offering by a supreme Metal band. What the fuck, grab it or a 'pussy Metal' certificate awaits you.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

"Into The Night" Track-listing:

Black Angel
Mistress From Hell
Into The Night
Speed Queen
On The Loose
City Lights
Scream Of The Savage
Curse The Light
Evil Attacker

Enforcer Lineup:

Olof Wikstrand - Vocals
Adam Zaars - Guitars
Jonas Wikstrand - Drums
Joseph Tholl - Guitars
Tobias Lindqvist - Bass

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