Defeat of Common Sense


ENDBROKEN are a Thrash metal band from France. They started their existence in 2015 but […]
April 3, 2024

ENDBROKEN are a Thrash metal band from France. They started their existence in 2015 but it is 2023 when they managed to release their debut album "Defeat of Common Sense". The fuve guys in the line-up goes with the short names of Nono (bass), Nico (drums), Kan (lead guitars), Fab (rhythm guitars) and the vocalist Mitch. Before their debut release they have a self-titled EP from 2018 and that's it, not many releases under their belts, at least for now. So let's see what these French metalheads have done.

The cover artwork is the first thing that makes impression because it looks like a scene from a post-apocalyptic game like "Last of Us". Speaking about the music, "Hatefield" opens up the album with a heavy guitar riff which then flows into a stomping thrashing tempo. The influence of more modern Thrash metal bands such as THE HAUNTED or HATESPHERE is evident, there are some twin guitar duels in the vein of SLAYER and a little dose of Metalcore in the slower moments. "Axes of Evil" follows and here we have more Swedish melodic Death metal sound reminding of the old IN FLAMES and DARK TRANQUILITY. There is some good guitar work on that song and a pleasant melodic line. "Straight Ahead" is a decent headbanger, again with strong influence from the Gothenburg melodic Death scene and the following "Into the Grave" (no, it is not a GRAVE cover) starts with the rhythm section,then the guitars enter and create a decent Death metal track, here the vocals of Mitch go deeper than on the previous songs (there still is some GRAVE influence after all). The album title track "Defeat of Common Sense" is next and it is the longest one in the album. As it turns out, this is an instrumental and not very interesting at that, it all sounds like different variations of one and the same guitar riff. I don't get it why this track is in the middle of the album and not in the end but whatever. The vocals are back again on "Shadows of Death" which is a good oldschool Thrash headbanger able to wake you up again after the instrumental. The funny titled "Cannibal Holy Ghost" has a slight SOULFLY feel (probably the passage where the vocalist shouts something about a primitive tribe is the reason for this) and "The Opponent" is a track that starts fast and have a crushing MACHINE HEAD-like slow moment in the middle. The final of this album comes with "Dark Fate" which sounds influenced by the bands from the US NWOAHM wave like AS I LAY DYING or SHADOWS FALL.

All in all, "Defeat of Common Sense" is a decent debut album by a band that has talent in its ranks. It is a little bit repetitive and absolutely nothing new but still you can give it a chance.

6 / 10

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"Defeat of Common Sense " Track-listing:

1. Hate Field
2. Axes of Evil
3. Straight Ahead
4. Into the Grave
5. Defeat of Common Sense
6. Shadows of Death
7. Cannibal Holy Ghost
8. The Opponent
9. Dark Fate

Endbroken Lineup:

Nono - bass
Nico - drums
Kan - lead guitars
Fab - rhythm guitars
Mitch - vocals

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