On Light and Wrath


ENCHANTYA is a Gothic metal band with heavy Symphonic metal leanings. Now, the common belief […]
May 28, 2019
EnChanTya - On Light and Wrath album cover

ENCHANTYA is a Gothic metal band with heavy Symphonic metal leanings. Now, the common belief is Gothic metal and Symphonic metal are where metal heads go to have emotions. The assumption is this means emotions of the gushy variety. ENCHANTYA debunks that myth with their second LP, "On Light and Wrath," released in May 2019 on Inverse Records. As the title would suggest, "On Light and Wrath" explores the light and dark sides of life, the universe, and everything. The new line-up (a full switch-out except vocalist, Rute Fevereiro) offers up 11 tracks, which vacillate from ferocious to soothing, usually within the same song. Adding to the rich texture are guest artists Goncalo Fernandes (violinist), Corvus (DESIRE, vocalist), and a professional choir (compulsory for any self-respecting Gothic/Symphonic metal band).

At the bottom of every Metal Temple album review is a scoring convention which gauges an album on four attributes, one of which is memorability. To be honest, I've always questioned the 'memorability' metric, but after listening to "On Light and Wrath," I get it. Between the melodic riffs, Fevereiro's evocative vocals, and the richly layered symphonic elements, there are several songs on this LP that you'll carry with you long after your ears stop ringing. For me, they're "The Beginning," "Poet's Tears," and "Alma." "Deception (Since You Lied)" is also a close runner up, but there are a few lyrics that I am too cynical to take serious.

The guitar work of Bruno Santos and Fernando Campos is excellent. There are multiple solos ("Last Moon of March," "The Beginning," and "Near Life Experience") that are as soaring as Fevereiro's vocal renderings, and the riff grinding machine is on full overload on almost every track. And while I typically loathe keyboards in metal bands, Pedro Antunes' work, is quite good. Songs like "Alma" and "Deception (Since You Lied)" essentially depend on him. Bassist, Fernando Barroso, and drummer, Bruno Guilherm, also work overtime to maintain a solid rhythm section.

What doesn't work on this LP? That would be the spoken narratives on several tracks. Sorry, but unless it's Ivor Cutler-Scottish poet, songwriter and humorist-I'm pretty much not interested in hearing someone talk on an album. Sing it, scream it, shout it, just don't say it. But that's just me. Overall, "On Light and Wrath" is a captivating album. Comparisons to WITHIN TEMPTATION, EPICA, SIRENIA, NIGHTWISH are obvious, but I need to burn word count, so there you go.  It is rare that a band can survive such a dramatic line-up change, but I think ENCHANTYA just may do it, and in a grand way.

7 / 10









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"On Light and Wrath" Track-listing:

1. Turn of the Wheel
2. Last Moon of March
3. The Beginning
4. Poet's Tears
5. Near Life Experience
6. Alma
7. Downfall to Power
8. Hide Me
9. Deception (Since You Lied)
10. Once Upon a Lie
11. From the Ashes

EnChanTya Lineup:

Rute Fevereiro - Vocals
Fernando Campos - Guitar
Bruno Santos - Guitar
Fernando Barroso - Bass
Bruno Guilherm - Drums
Pedro Antunes - Keyboards and Orchestration

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