Nightly Ray

Emergency Gate

Nightly Ray originally came out in 2006, with limited (if any) distribution outside Germany. Now, […]
By Grigoris Chronis
March 20, 2008
Emergency Gate - Nightly Ray album cover

Nightly Ray originally came out in 2006, with limited (if any) distribution outside Germany. Now, the debut full-length from this German Metal act is being re-distributed and EMERGENCY GATE's blend will have the chance to reach a greater audience. A 'weird' blend, I should add.
The band, formed in 1996, had already released a self-financed same-titled EP in 2000. Their bio refers to some dynamic onstage performance and tendency to mix old-school Metal with 'new' Metal elements. Don't know 'bout the quintet's live activities, but - yes - Nightly Ray is a weird combination of (to an extend) alien tastes. The bad thing - for a start - is that the sound/production is rather naive, as if we're talking 'bout a live-in-the studio cut with average backline. I can imagine the music will (normally) be better sounding when performed live, but in the CD it's not convincing at all. There's no bond between the instruments' sounds while, additionally, the keys are rather 'in front' while the vocals sound rather echo-plastic.
Overlapping these facts, the music itself is rather interesting. There's enough of surprises in the compositions included, with a variety of referrals. There's pure Euro Power Metal (non-'happy', e.g. MORGANA LEFAY or EVERGREY) while there's also lots of atmospheric/dark moments - dominated by keys - in the vein of MOONSPELL or e.g. early AMORPHIS. The rhythm section becomes 'Nu' at times, while the guitar work is both groovy (riffs) and paranoid (solos), bringing in mind some 'new' METALLICA or (even) DANZIG. There's no certain recipe (e.g. couple-chorus-solo etc) in the spine of the songs, making them appearing more experimental.
Kiessling's vocals are rather esoteric, he usually tries to become a more 'electric' version of SAVIOUR MACHINE or PARADISE LOST, while he somehow 'shakes' from the tone each time. I believe he does this one purpose, dunno. The duration of the songs is rather short, making the CD spinning for not more than 45'. The Rock Me Amadeus cover is better than average, but do not imagine something extraordinary. Personal favorites are limited to the likes of Discre-Pantz and Hold Me Again.
Nightly Ray will apply to fans with a 'wide' ear in Metal styles. Please, take the chance to visit the band's official site and MySpace page to take a glimpse, because this is something that should be heard prior to possible purchase. Still, in general Metal lines...

5 / 10


"Nightly Ray" Track-listing:

Nightly Ray
Kill The Dying
Another Day Nowhere
The Inside
In My Dreams
Discre - Pantz
Breed Evil
Hold Me Again
No Clown
Guardian Of Time
Rock Me Amadeus
Eternal Echo

Emergency Gate Lineup:

Fabian CEM Kiessling - Guitar, Vocals
Vlad Doose - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Mario Lochert - Bass
Jens-Christoph Rybak - Keys, Synths
Chris Widmann - Drums

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