ELYOSE hailing from Paris, France were originally formed in 2009. After almost all band members […]
March 6, 2023
Elyose - Deviante album cover

ELYOSE hailing from Paris, France were originally formed in 2009. After almost all band members left in 2019, vocalist Justine Daae continued the band as solo project. The sound of ELYOSE can be described as a mix of Alt-Metal with industrial and Gothic elements. Since 2009, ELYOSE released two EPs and now the 4th full-length album. "Deviante" was mixed by Anthony Chognard and mastered by Kris Crummet. It has a length of about 40 minutes, and it is an independent release.

With the lyrics all being in French, "Deviante" starts with heavy and dynamic guitar riffing. "Ils T'Ont Dit" is a mid-tempo song with catchy melodies in the chorus part at a measured tempo, while the verse parts are a bit hectic in terms of riffing and drumming. The vocals are entirely clean and vary between the medium to the higher end of the vocal range. "Le Glaive" consists of a mixture of powerful and heavy riffing and quiet parts, where the keyboards drive the track forward. The song is a constant back and forth of the slow parts with melancholic melodies and the heavier parts driven by the guitars, bass, and the drums. "Vendredi Noir" starts super heavy with thunderous riffing, before transitioning into a quiet part driven by the drums and the vocals. The track has frequent transitions between aggressive and quiet parts, and Justine Daae is leading through the track expertly with her vocals. "Vendredi Noir" is one of the album highlights, and it is the official video release with the YouTube link given below.

"L'Embleme" starts with a mixture of keyboards and guitar riffing before the vocals join in. The track is played at mid-tempo throughout with the keyboards providing the melodic framework. The vocals are relatively uniform around the medium end of the vocal range and go higher up for the choruses, where the melodies have a few Gothic vibes. "Retour Au Reel" starts with powerful guitar riffing at mid-tempo and with a lot of electronic effects. The melodies driven by the vocals include a few oriental inspirations. There are a lot of breaks in rhythm and the song sounds overall pretty hectic, as some of the instruments and effects do not go in harmony. The drumming of "Retour Au Reel" is very comprehensive as the textures of the track are not straightforward. Overall, it is one of the heaviest and one of the best songs on the album. "Humaine" starts heavy and direct with the guitars and the keyboards. It is a fast mid-tempo song. While the verse parts have power and aggression, the chorus parts act as a counterpoint and I feel being in a very different song. Again, the song is very hectic at times as all instruments and effects contribute disconnected to parts of the song.

The title song has a heavy start and transitions quickly into a quieter part driven by the higher pitched vocals. "Deviante" is perhaps the most direct song with a simple structure and with relatively catchy melodies compared to most other songs on the album. "L'Assamblee" is a mixture of slow, ballad-esque verse parts driven by the keyboards and vocals, and fast chorus parts with crushing riffs and hammering drumming. Cocozher (OUT OF MY EYES) is the guest vocalist for the chorus parts and the break, and he gives the song an extra dimension by adding growls and screams, which are supported by some blast-beats. "L'Assamblee" is perhaps the most distinct song describing the album sound as both opposing parts, the thunderous and heavy part as well as the quiet parts, are really far apart. The track is another album highlight. After such crushing song, it is time for a quiet song. "De La Lune A La Terre" has most attributes of a ballad including the melancholy in the melodies. Driven by the keyboards and the guitars during the chorus parts, the overarching element are the vocals who lead excellently through the track. The album finishes with the radio version of "Retour Au Reel".

"Deviante" is not an easy-to-listen album. It is a mix of different genres where the Alt-Metal part is surely dominant together with industrial and Gothic elements. ELYOSE deliver an album that is very experimental without any boundaries, and that is the strength of the album. If there is any frequent pattern in the sound, then it is the ambivalence of heaviness and quietness, often connected by the industrial style elements. Most of the songs are complex with different layers acting on top of each other and they are all kept together by an excellent vocalist. The album is well produced. Listeners who love experimental music will also love "Deviante" and fans will be excited to see ELYOSE performing the new songs live on stage.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Deviante" Track-listing:

1. Ils T'Ont Dit
2. Le Glaive
3. Vendredi Noir
4. L'Embleme
5. Retour Au Reel
6. Humaine
7. Deviante
8. L'Assamblee
9. De La Lune A La Terre
10. Retour Au Reel (Radio Mix)

Elyose Lineup:

Justine Daae - Vocals, Keyboards, Programming
Anthony Chognard (Session) - Guitars, Bass, Drums
Maxx Maryan (Session) - Keyboards, Orchestration, Programming

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