ELVELLON is female fronted Symphonic Metal band from Moers in Germany. They were formed in […]
By Katarzyna Zakolska
April 1, 2015
Elvellon - Spellbound album cover

ELVELLON is female fronted Symphonic Metal band from Moers in Germany. They were formed in 2010 and released debut EP "Spellbound" on 30th January 2015.

I love so much track "Born from Hope" where there is energetic opener with keys and stunning violins in NIGHTWISH style. Melodic chorus in a high-flying stratosphere is so memorable. Also listenable here is calmer style with piano and it is showing true beauty inside this song! Nele Messerschmidt has fantastic, clear vocals and she is using her voice perfectly, showing emotions during singing. Calmer piano opens "My Wings" and then are heavier riffs with impressive vocal and Symphonic elements in the background which gives truly killer sound. Melodic chorus is delivered in an even higher, more powerful register; also worth to mention is that guitar solo is total brilliant!

Symphonic fantastic sounds opens "Oraculum" where rhythmic section is clear and together with beautiful singing make a perfect mix! Nice guitar work and melodic chorus are very enjoyable. Over 8 minutes lasting "Shore to Aeon" has inside flute, gentle piano and acoustic guitar. This is an awesome, calmer ballad with wonderful singing. Climate is building higher step by step and movie climate with huge Symphonic orchestra and Opera singing sounds very impressive! Powerful opener with stronger riffs, huge Symphonic sounds, pulpy drums and fine violins in "Dead-End Alley" is totally great; once again, the strong NIGHTWISH vibes are back. Epic chorus with great vocal sounds fabulous!

Each song on ELVELLON's EP are different to one another. This music is pure dynamism. The musicians of this German band have their way & follow it perfectly. This debut work is totally interesting and worth to listen their songs, You wouldn't be bored, because you can still find new sounds, from powerful to sensitive. Highly recommended to every female fronted Melodic Metal fan!

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"Spellbound" Track-listing:

1. Oraculum
2. Born from Hope
3. My Wings
4. Dead-End Alley
5. Shore to Aeon

Elvellon Lineup:

Martin Klüners - Drums
Pascal Pannen - Keyboards
Nele Messerschmidt - Vocals
Gilbert Gelsdorf - Guitars
Phil Kohout - Bass

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