Proud To Love You


My colleague Craig Rider always starts his (to my mind) ineligible reviews with the words: […]
By MetalWim
April 3, 2023
Eloah - Proud To Love You album cover

My colleague Craig Rider always starts his (to my mind) ineligible reviews with the words: Metal Maniacs Rejoice! Well, that is one expression I am not able to use when it comes to ELOAH. In a not-too-distant past I reviewed their trilogy of "The Mondstein Chronicles". My reason for doing that was that lead guitarist Orion Roos is a good friend of mine, and someone I have admired musically for over thirty years. His work with Dutch Melodic band MAESTRO and Dutch Heavy Metal Legends VORTEX (which are now called METAL BATS) has made him a force to be reckoned with. "The Mondstein Chronicles" housed an impressive musical amalgamation of Jazz, Jazz-rock, Rock, Indie and Pop Music, making the albums good, weird and interesting at the same time.

The fact that this album is released by Headbangers Records in conjunction with Big Bad Wolf Records is another reason for my request to be the one to review "Proud To Love You". and as far as the music on the album goes: it does what it says on the tin. ELOAH have actually made an album full of love songs. And no, there is not a Metal tone in sight or hearing. This is alternative, Poppy and sometimes even considered Rock . For the latter your best bet is to listen to "Why Can't I Forget You?". The rest is a lot more easy-listening, singer/songwriter stuff.

So, the question I have to ask myself is whether or not I am happy with writing my review of "Proud To Love You". Well, no and yes. No, as this has absolutely nothing to do with Metal, and I do write for Metal Temple. Yes, because even though the music is so completely different from the rest of our site, it is quite good. Think of NICK CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDS musically. This just means that the directions taken might be mellow and sometimes even cheesy, they never get into the mainstream, are able to avoid being overly predictable. Plus the fact that lead guitarist Orion Roos is allowed and able to produce some marvellous solo spots and very inspiring riffing, even if it is sporadically. To me he is the difference between not being interesting enough and being able to pique my interest into listening to "Proud To Love You". Oh, and the fact that I also love the NICK CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDS album "Murder Ballads". ELOAH's latest venture certainly reminds me of that one.

7 / 10









"Proud To Love You" Track-listing:

1. Proud To Love You
2. My Heart Shall Be Your Fire
3. You Are A Diamond
4. Child Within
5. Caterpillar
6. How Could I Ever Have Hurt You?
7. Why Can't I Forget You?
8. Tuesday Morning
9. The Purest You
10. Wonderful Beautiful
11. Sugar Refinery
12. A Winter's Tale
13. King Of Winters
14. Time To Say Goodbye

Eloah Lineup:

Elmar C. Fuchs - Vocals, Piano, Flutes, Acoustic Guitars
Orion Roos - Electric Guitars
Peter Douwenga - Bass Guitars
Johan van der Meer - Drums, Percussion
Dominik Mittergradnegger - Saxophone
Lila Rerderberg - Vocals

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