We Own The Mountains


Folter Records is a German underground Black Metal label that despite not having any big […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
October 19, 2008
Elite - We Own The Mountains album cover

Folter Records is a German underground Black Metal label that despite not having any big underground names has managed to earn the respect of many blacksters with quality releases. If you have read my review on PANYCHIDA's latest album or the reviews of other editors on Folter releases you have probably noticed that we have some nice things coming from there.

ELITE is a Norwegian Black Metal band that was formed in 2001, and as a 'classic' Black Metal band has several releases out there. Albums, split CD's and EP's are stuff almost every Black Metal bands releases every year! So, after leaving No Colours Records, the Norwegian blacksters signed a contract with the German Folter for the release of their third full-length album.

The band really tries to do what I really like seeing in a Black Metal band. To keep the classic old sound while trying to make it sound a bit more modern. And with modern I don't mean that they end up sounding like an Industrial or EBM band. That is the good thing. That they manage to avoid getting out of the Black Metal field. Anyway, the band's music is really nice since there are attacking guitars throughout the whole album that won't let you relax even for a second, while the drumming is nothing less than relentless (even though the drums have a pretty irritating sound that the band should have fixed). The vocals are pretty nice reminding me of DISSECTION's Jon Nodtveidt (RIP) sometimes. There are times that the band forgets about its origin and delivers some kickass Swedish DISSECTION like riffing that is pretty amazing.

These guys definitely have some great composing skills that they need to work on! I guess that if they take care of their sound a bit more and realize what they can do we will be able to watch a brand new Black Metal star rise. Keep it up mates!

7 / 10


"We Own The Mountains" Track-listing:

Volvens Vinter Seid
Amanita Muscaria
Winter Moon King
Fra Askens Kilde
Fodt Til Vanvidd
Vi Skyr Ingen Strid

Elite Lineup:

Bent Arne Mathisen - Vocals
Torgeir Nordahl - Guitar
Per Valla - Guitar
Chris Lind - Bass
Rainer Roreng - Drums

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