Son Of The Shades


ELFFOR is a one - man band from Spain with the keyboardist of SUFFERING DOWN, […]
By Yiannis Doukas
May 6, 2008
Elffor - Son Of The Shades album cover

ELFFOR is a one - man band from Spain with the keyboardist of SUFFERING DOWN, Eol being behind this project. A project that he started around 1995 and 'till now has released four albums. This one, Son Of The Shades is actually the second one originally spread out in 2002. All his releases were printed in limited numbers and Northern Silence Productions had the idea of re - releasing in a chronological order. So, in the year 2007 we had the debut Into The Dark Forest ... and now the second one. All the cds will have enriched artwork plus some bonus tracks, for example here the last two songs.
In the first album ELFFOR's music was just keys and Black vocals naming his music something like ambient. In the second one, we have the introduction of some guitars and the change to something closer to Black ambient. Well, the truth is that there is no ambient or Black here. ELFFOR reached the unbelievable which is more boring than bands like SUMMONING. What I'm getting here is some very basic ideas in piano or keys together with below average typical Black Metal vocals. Drumming is programmed and the guitar is lost in the background's nothingness. Except them, there are some samples from air, ravens, thunders, swords etc. There are no feelings here; the whole project reminds of something like a child's practice before he goes to his piano lesson. The album is perfect for sleep and very difficult to listen in its all entity 'cause after its middle you'll be dreaming.
The only well worth is the logo of the band that is well designed and a clever one.

1 / 10

Run Away!!!

"Son Of The Shades" Track-listing:

Son Of The Shades
... Of Wolves & Blood
Infernal Woods
The Nocturnal Moon
Long Winter Days
Unholy Gleam
Hidden In The Nebular Landscapes
Endless Dark Flames

Elffor Lineup:

Eol - Vocals, Synthesizers
Jabo - Guitars (Guest Member)

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