Elettra Storm

“Powerlords” is a modern Power Metal album with all the genre typical elements: pace, sharp riffing, double-bass drumming, and catchy melodies
March 26, 2024

ELETTRA STORM hailing from Italy were formed in 2023. The Power Metal outfit release their debut album, which was mixed and mastered by Simone Mularoni (DEATHLESS LEGACY; ELVENKING; REDEMPTION) at Domination Studio. It has a length of more than 40 minutes, and it was released via Italian Power, Heavy, and Thrash Metal specialists Scarlet Records.

The album starts powerful and with epic melodies. “Higher Than The Stars” is a traditional Power Metal song: fast, sharp guitar riffing, a lot of double-bass drumming, and catchy melodies. The female vocals are clean and are between the medium and higher end of the vocal range. The lead guitars are very prominent, and the extended lead guitar solo is very contributing. It comes alongside the keyboards, and both have an important contribution to the track. “Redemption” continues with the pace and dynamics of the opening track. The female vocals have support by clean male vocals, and both contribute equally to the song. While the guitar riffing is powerful, the keyboards are again very prominent during the track. However, the focus is on the vocals, where the female vocals undergo a few distinct tonal shifts and include higher notes during the chorus line. “Origin Of Dreams” starts with the lead guitars, introducing the main melody of the track. It is more a mid-tempo track and very melodic, in particular during the almost anthemic chorus lines. The vocals include once again, clean male vocals supporting the main female vocals. It is worth mentioning here, that there is additional guitar support by Simone Mularoni and Lorenzo Passuto (SINHERESY) throughout the album. “Origin Of Dreams” has been released on video, and the YouTube link is provided below.

The title song starts with epic melodies at a measured tempo, transitioning into a double-bass driven fast track. There are a few switches in tempo and rhythm between fast pace and mid-tempo. The break introducing the extended lead guitar solo starts with an acoustic guitar intro, transitioning into the solo which has a few neo-classical vibes. The chorus lines are very catchy and almost sing-alongs. “Alone” starts with a short acoustic guitar and piano intro, leading into a slow, ballad-esque track. The main surprise are the female vocals as Crystal Laura Emilliani shows off her vocal skills and her versatility when she sings very high notes with a few tonal shifts towards her Rock inspired deeper notes. “Alone” is the typical album ballad with beautiful melodies, which have a slight melancholic touch. “Heirs In The Descent” is a mid-tempo track for most of its playing time that cannot really keep up with most songs on the album.

Sacrifice Of Angels” returns to the relentless Power Metal at blistering pace. The riffing is sharp and thunderous, and the drumming is driven by the double-bass. The vocals are again two-parted with the male vocals equally contribute especially during the verse parts. The melodic framework of the track sounds quite familiar to me at times. Highlight is the lead guitar solo, which gives the track an extra dimension. “Spirit Of The Moon” starts with an extended, lead-guitar driven instrumental part leading into a mid-tempo verse and chorus part. The melodies are catchy throughout, but slightly darker compared to most album tracks, while the riffing is very powerful, especially during the final part of the track. The album finishes with “Voices In The Wind” and it is another classical Power Metal track with all the attributes of the genre: pace, thunderous riffing, double-bass drumming, and sing-along melodies. The vocals include many higher notes during the chorus parts, while they vary across the entire range of Crystal Laura Emilliani during the verse parts. The lead guitar solos are again the focal point of the track. “Voices In The Wind” is a very strong track to end the album.

ELETTRA STORM deliver modern Power Metal. “Powerlords” contains all the genre typical elements. Most tracks are fast, driven by the sharp riffing and the double-bass drumming, they are catchy and almost anthemic at times. Highlights are the lead guitars and the vocals, who keep the songs excellently together. The album is well produced.  ELETTRA STORM do not re-invent the wheel, they stick to well-tried Power Metal concepts and that makes “Powerlords” to a very predictable album with little versatility. However, Power Metal fans will like what they hear, even though it is not something new or unique.

8 / 10









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"Powerlords" Track-listing:
  1. Higher Than The Stars
  2. Redemption
  3. Origin Of Dreams
  4. Powerlords
  5. Alone
  6. Heirs In The Descent
  7. Sacrifice Of Angels
  8. Spirit Of The Moon
  9. Voices In The Wind
Elettra Storm Lineup:

Crystal Laura Emilliani Vocals

Francis D. Mary Guitars, Vocals

Matteo Antoni Guitars

Matteo Norbedo Drums

Davide Sportiello Bass, Keyboards

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