Under The Influence


When you see an album whose cover artwork features the band's members with DOWN and […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
July 12, 2008
Element - Under The Influence album cover

When you see an album whose cover artwork features the band's members with DOWN and Jack Daniel's t-shirts what do you think that this band plays? Something close to the groovy Stoner Metal scene of course! That's what I thought but ELEMENT have nothing to do with my beloved Stoner music.

Formed in 2006 in the UK, ELEMENT have managed to play with bands like Casket's SPEED THEORY and BULLETS FOR TEETH, the high and mighty DIAMOND HEAD and the new power in the Thrash scene EVILE. After recording its first demo in 2007 the band decided to enter Hellfire Studios in Birmingham to record its first ever full-length release.

Drawing influences from bands like METALLICA (mostly from them), PANTERA and MACHINE HEAD, ELEMENT try to produce what many people call Thrash/Groove Metal, but in order to do something like this you've got to have incredible talent, guitarists with huge balls, a rhythm section that kills and a singer that sounds like he's entering a battle. Calderbank needs some extra work on his vocals since he just yells without having any melody or any anger in his voice and the guitar work is too... simple for this kind of music. You don't need only some catchy riffs to play like the above mentioned bands. You definitely need much more.

I heard many people saying that this album kicks ass, that ELEMENT have many better things than METALLICA (next time let's be more careful when we open our mouths) and that Calderbank's vocals are similar to Flynn's! It is not a bad Thrash/Groove album, but let's be serious! Don't tell me that you would be tempted to buy the album by reading such statements!

5 / 10


"Under The Influence" Track-listing:

Mind Inside
Under The Influence
Bleed On My Own
Forged Existence

Element Lineup:

Adam Calderbank - Vocals, Guitar
Chow - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Alex Burnell - Bass
Rob Urquhart - Drums

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