The Bridge Of Sighs

Elegy Of Madness

Many Metal fans, upon hearing that a new Gothic Metal band tries to make its […]
By Dimitris Karametros
August 7, 2009
Elegy Of Madness - The Bridge Of Sighs album cover

Many Metal fans, upon hearing that a new Gothic Metal band tries to make its break, raise a brow and instantly mentally download albums such as Velvet Darkness They Fear and Icon and try to review that band in regard to those monumental albums. Others draw their guns and are ready to kill all those emo fans that will flock around such bands, believing that they do not belong here. Stop the hard criticism and put your weapons down, ELEGY OF MADNESS's first album is here to stay and brings fresh air to the Gothic Metal genre.
The Bridge Of Sighs is the first full length album for the band, after a self-released demo in 2007 called Another Rain. ELEGY OF MADNESS originate from Taranto, Italy and is the child of guitarist Tony Tomasicchio, after he left the Rock band RAGION PURA. Tony decided to create a gothic/progressive Metal band with influences in NIGHTWISH, EPICA, AFTER FOREVER, DREAM THEATER and STRATOVARIUS. In 2009 they became part of Sweet Poison Records and The Bridge Of Sighs comes out.
The Bridge Of Sighs thematically revolves around the dichotomy of self, between the life one lives and the life that one could achieve if he crosses the bridge of sighs and reaches his higher self. They also touch a very delicate subject, that of euthanasia in the songs Agony Part 1 and Agony Part 2 giving both the perspective of the patient and that of his family. The vocal range of Anja helps very much in the whole concept of the album, her voice is very beautiful and does not try to show off her vocal faculties although she possesses them. In the background her voice is complimented sometimes by harsh male vocals, sometimes deep and growling and sometimes normal, adding to the sadness that emanates throughout the album. Check out Another Path and Whispers were this subtle vocal game is more evident.
Guitars touch the progressive part without sacrificing the gothic atmosphere, they are very good and technical, personally sometimes I thought that they were too low in regards to the voice, but this might be a production fault. Never the less one should stay at Threshold and hear the Voices where the progressive guitar playing and riffs are at their peek.

I believe that The Bridge Of Sighs is the first of, I hope, many great albums from this new Italian band, they begin humbly and that shows at least a small part of wisdom and restrain and that is good in Gothic Metal bands. Find them, hear them and enjoy their melancholy.

6 / 10

Had Potential

"The Bridge Of Sighs" Track-listing:

Elegy Of Madness
No Names
Another Path
Agony Part 1
Agony Part 2

Elegy Of Madness Lineup:

Anja Irullo - Vocals
Tony Tomasicchio - Guitar
Alex Martina - Bass
Marcello Lombardi - Keyboards
Roberto Raio - Drums

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