Electric Hydra

Electric Hydra

This self titled debut album from ELECTRIC HYDRA is exactly what it set out to […]
By Jordan Rogers
January 20, 2021
Electric Hydra - Electric Hydra album cover

This self titled debut album from ELECTRIC HYDRA is exactly what it set out to be, and that is an album that holds the heavy metal edge but slides in that ever so different punk undertone. With 10 different songs bringing you ten unique chances to experience this album it is sure to bring you a riveting listening experience. Each song holding it's own power and will bring you through a riveting journey of the multitude of this bands power and display their devotion towards the songs they have recorded. Riffs galore, heavy metal power glaring from within the tones, hints of that punk flare, this album is sure to satisfy an array of senses.

The opening song into the album is righteously titled "It Comes Alive". This song opens up with a slow but heavy guitar which breaks into a faced paced heavy metal sound! There is no shortage of vocals either with the voice of the lead singer bringing to light the punk rock ties that this band has! The passion for music can most definitely be heard in this opening act! And it is only a teaser for what is to come!

Your journey through this album will bring you to the song "Rise From Below" sooner or later... Not sure if you listen to an album on shuffle, in order, or pick it apart, so we could've arrived here at separate times. Personally I like to listen to an album in order but anyways... The intro into this song is quite a bit slower than the previous ones. Melodic sounds leading into a soft but powerful guitar will lead you into the opening lyrics followed by a heavy uptake in the power department! This song is one of those ones that is brilliant in its own right,  ever so powerful it's lyrics, and to me show's a heavy display of musical understanding with all the concepts that are brought together here. This song is one that is needed to be listened to when trying this album on!

"Iron Lung" is where I will focus my attention next. Don't let the melody of the opening in this song fool you, it packs much heaviness in behind this peaceful introduction. What it also does is not let go of that peacefulness througout its entirety. This song is a wonderful mixture of heavy guitars layered with a more peaceful backing tone that the introduction I spoke of does a nice job of introducing. Anyway you look at it, this song adds yet another powerful addition to this album.

ELECTRIC HYDRA! A powerful name for a powerful group! If you are a fan of Heavy/Punk rock, or just an all around rock junkie, this album should be added to this list of things you need to listen to!

10 / 10









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"Electric Hydra" Track-listing:

1. It Comes Alive
2. Won't Go to War (With Myself)
3. Blackened Eyes
4. Grab What's Yours
5. Iron Lung
6. The Betrayal
7. 1000 Lies
8. End of Days
9. Rebel
10. Rise from Below

Electric Hydra Lineup:

Sanne Karlson - Vocals
Ellinor Andersson - Bass
Jonathan Moller - Guitar/Vocals
Dennis Ahman - Drums/Bass/Guitar

Jonas Stalhammar - Guitar/Mellotron/Hammond/Rhodes/Backing

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